my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
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I feel I have no choice but to start a list!

+  First off, my advisor is going to check and see if I can actually take the Advanced Japanese Reading class that I'm not qualified for (and then sneak me the translations so I can keep up).  It's fabulous  having someone actually think about me and look out for my academics finally!

+  Oh, and the job continues to be fabulous.  I find that I get stranger and stranger as the years go on, because I was actually smiling at the prospect of reorganizing her filing cabinet.  But hey, some quirks are profitable quirks.  Especially since I'm fully willing to own up to my own freakishness!

+ Neil's dad and grandfather are coming for a visit this weekend!  It should actually be a ton of fun.  I love them both as if they were my own family.  And Neil swears that his grandpa wants to come and do work, so we may get handy-man services thrown into the visit to boot!  This is the grandfather that, even before we moved into the house, had already sent us two boxes filled with tools.

+  I got awards!  3 pretty awards from Bodice Ripper Awards for the darker_giles banner!  Thank you to every one involved in the process - mrsdrake, the judges, and everybody who voted for me for Reader's Choice!

summer_of_giles finally started today!  And I've spammed the comm with entries since midnight.  I hope they all don't start to hate their mod by the end of the day.  If you haven't friended the comm, there are giles only icons here, giles/others pairing icons here, and giles manipulations here and giles wallpapers here! Phew!

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