my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Streaching lazy like a cat today - I don't feel like doing anything but sharing sunbeams and testing out squishy pillow resistance.  Been like that all summer, I suppose.  Intense need to not do interrupted by short bursts of dilligence and motivation.

Like last night, fabulous BBQ that almost wasn't.  We decided we needed to get together, scheduled it, and then the rain came.  There's no warning here, or not more than a day's worth, with the weather, so we just kept our fingers crossed that the thunder clouds would clear away long enough to get some burgers grilled.  And so they did.  And our friends arrived and I adore them all, and it was just so good to hang out for a night and be goofy and silly and catch up with these people I like so much.

All this last week I've been trying to do things... write a couple of little pieces that have been winding their way around my head, make some more graphics, clean the house, do ... *things*  but instead I hit refresh on the email, read a couple of posts written by someone else, think about responding and yet don't, and then go have another cigarette, hang outside in the heat and the humidity until it's time to come back in and be lazy in the air conditioning again.

I think, perhaps, I'm more bored than I'm willing to admit.  School will start again, and then I'll have all the distraction and require all the motivation I can muster.  Till then, I think I'm just going to stay in the realm of lazy.

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