my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

giddy is as giddy does

You know how, when you tell yourself that you're going to prepare for something, when you promise yourself you'll get things ready, you'll be that one that's got it together...

and then...

you don't.

But you spring into action anyway?  The blood in your veins begins to pump.  You hunch your back in concentration.  Your muscles get tense, yet you know you can do what you're trying to do.  Not only can you do it, you can do it well.  It all slides into place just like that, one after the other, not perfect, not absolute, but with spine tingling, intense, breath taking fury?

Yeah.  I love that.  Sometimes.

P.S. If anyone's interested in a new look for their LJ, check out the 7 Giles banners I just posted at summer_of_giles.  I'll customize 'em with your name (and other text if you really want it).  And just for my flist, if you need help putting 'em up, paid or free account, I can do that too.

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