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Ah, what the hell...

Reasonably fabulous Friday - I got sleep last night (well, after writing my the sister of my heart in Australia, who's having her first baby and who I dearly adore and don't keep up with often enough).  I got paid today.  I got to tell off an idiot who wanted to be our vendor, and and I got to be sweet in an attempt to get information from county offices.  I remembered to deposit said paycheck, along with financial aid check.  I came home and tried to repair the couch (it's old and threadbare) and was reminded how frigging cool my sewing machine is.  The financial aid office managed to live up to my expectations and not get back to me, so I look forward to calling them on Monday and ripping them a new one - or at least asking for management and explaining that I've spent the last two weeks emailing and calling to get resolution on my problem.  Yvette and Peter and Christy called to invite us out to dinner, and we actually left the house and got to catch up with all three of them and eat and giggle and hug.  That pretty much made the night as far as I'm concerned.

Next week we'll have visitors!  Deb and Erik are coming from LA for a week!  And I finally start summer school.  It's gonna be absolutely insane and totally marvelous.

And, in case you're actually looking for reading material, this week's posters at summer_of_giles were great and deserve adoration, so ....

Remember, everytime you feedback an angel gets it's wings!  (Ok, that may not be exactly true, but if you leave a comment you will let these authors and artists know that their hard work meant something to you!)

+ 4 Colorbars by maddogs991
+ 3 banners (and variations) by maddogs991
+ 4 Icons by maddogs991
+ 15 Icons by c_ash_flow
+ 36 Icons by literati

+ Court and Spark (G/Ethan) by anidada
+ 2 drabbles (G/Xander) by maddogs991
+ Say A Name (G/Xander-ish) by maddogs991
+ What's In A Name (G/Willow) by maddogs991
+ Recovery (G/Fred) by deviantfantasy
+ Dreamland collection (G/Wesley/Xander) by soft_princess (link to part 1/9...the rest are linked at bottom of each piece)

And the mommie-story continues!  That's right, there are new posts in my mom's lj, so if you're curious, wander over and read her stories at opages ...
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