my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Last night I spent just a little too much money on flowers for the front of our house.  Then I managed to clear the ground in our flower bed, add better dirt, and plant almost all of them by the time the sun set.  Finally our house looks like people live there (instead of the weedy patch we've had since we moved in)!  It was wonderful to stick my hands in the dirt, and to welcome each little plant to their new home as I stuck them in the ground.

Today?  Today I'm back at class!!!  Ye gods I still cannot believe I'm back here, doing this, learning in a classroom, taking notes, being a student.  And, glory of all glories, my second government class isn't just about the amazing world of American Politics (because, frankly, even though American government is way more interesting to me than American history, I'm still just not as excited as I could be).  NO, instead it's about American-European international relations!  Hallelujah!  It means I'll actually learn things I am vaguely interested in.  And the instructor is a woman from Turkey who is trying to curb her more dictatorial tendencies (but who also laughs a lot and seems very sweet).  I will NOT dodge assignments or show up late or anything to earn her displeasure, because I know just how little leeway there is behind her smile.  However, since I do talk, and I will not screw up, I think I'll earn that smile more often than not.  Sadly, when she did the name thing, she somehow got it into her head that my name's Katie.

Although Katie's a perfectly good name, and I've known many Katies or Katys that are delightful and intelligent and generally great to know, it's just NOT me.  Not by any streatch of the imagination.  I detest being called Katie (well, ok, there are a set of circumstances - like being called Katie by Neil's grandfather - that I simply adore it, but that's different).  So hopefully I'll be able to correct her out of it before it becomes habit. 

Now I wait for my 60's lit class, and look forward to the fact that I'll finally get to take a literature class at this university! It's been ... way too long. 

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