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hello there

the brain buzzes, the shoulders slump, the ass does not want to move.

And yet, it's been a fabulous week. I just didn't have the energy to write about it. Not precisely sure I have the energy now, but I can't resist. It is, after all, not a journal without some kind of entry!

Day 1 (Monday):  The BBQ Inaguration
Oh, sure, you think "how typical!  BBQ from Texas,"  but it's legit.  It's all you can eat with three types of meat, home style potato salad, cole slaw, and beans.  I think Eric may have single-handedly eaten an entire chicken.  On top of the ribs and brisket he'd already consumed.  And then we walked down to the little outlet of Lake Austin and fed the turtles the remains of our bread.  Besides, if your guests aren't tired already from their flight, the meat will put them into food coma faster than Cartman can say "Respect My Authori-tay!"

Day 2 (Tuesday):  Kerby Lane and the attack of the migas
Deb was brave enough to pick Neil's favorite dish, the migas/french toast combo.  It was Kerby Lane.  It was good.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Huh. 
Fancy that.  We didn't go out to dinner.  The kids drove out to Lake Travis to do recon, and returned late from Carlos & Charlies (a venue we're not totally sorry we missed - although I know they weren't impressed either).  I did homework.  Lame.

Day 4 (Thursday): Whole Foods extravaganza
Hey, people come to town, and what do we do?  We take them to the grocery store!  But it's just that kind of a thing.  Besides, Neil had to work late that night so we didn't make it to the store until 9pm.  And then we, the indecisive 4, had to make decisions about food.  The only thing that we could independently pick out was dessert - so we ened up with like 5 different types of sugar - cookies, caramel bars, canole, and ice cream.  We were not fucking around.

Day 5 (Friday): Habana & Goth Music
Cuban!  And finally a night Neil & I could do more than just go out to eat!  Not that we couldn't during the week, but he's got work, I've got class and work together, and reading after that, so both of us are tied up a bit during the day and into the evening.  Not on Friday though! 

Eric kindly got us into the Halo Guitar showcase at the little goth club here and we watched the all black-dressed bands (except the one that had the red-vinyl dressed lead singer) pump their hearts into sound.  Eric and I did a little bopping to the music, Neil and Deb watching from the red-velvet seats off the bar.  We giggled, we talked, we met Eric's people, and we tromped back home happy and, at least in the girls' case, a little tipsy.  Someday I'd like to go there when they actually get people to dance.

Day 6 (Saturday):  Schlosky's, Texas History, Botanical Gardens, Guitar Hero, BBQ burgers and chocolate madness
This one gets the longest title, because it's the day Deb and I actually got to hang out!  Don't get me wrong, Deb and Eric have been motivated madmen in their exploration of Austin and it's surrounding area during the day.  They found museums, they drove around lakes, they navigated themselves all over the place.  But I finally completely ignored the homework and we left the boys behind to goof around our city together.  We learned ALL about Texas History from the kind of bizzare, but very Texas, Bullock museum.  But the last floor was toured in a rush because we'd left the house without breakfast and were freezing in the polar temperature of the museum. 

We jumped into the car and swerved our way to the sandwich place I thought was a joke when it showed up in Office Space.  They do, however, serve reasonably tasty food - it's hard to screw up lettuce, tomatoe and roast beef.  We left the sanctuary of their air conditioning to wander around Zilker Botanical Gardens.  We chased butterflies and oooed and ahhhhed at the greenery.  We smelled the flowers and tripped along the streams.  We giggled at the rap that floated across the street from Zilker's music in the park (it wasn't really out of place in the cactus and succulent garden, really, it wasn't), and sighted Deb's first cardinal in the trees.  And if you're not tired out by reading all of that, I must be telling it wrong.

It definitely left us with no will to move when we got home, so we declared it a night in (after we found out we couldn't get onto the Bat Boat for the evening), and played video games with Christy and Joel until the wee hours of the morning.

Day 7 (Sunday):  NAM & Matt's El Rancho
Sunday should be a time for sleeping.  My body insists Sunday's a time for sleeping.  Really.  But how could I not get up?  Especially since Eric got us passes for NAM (it's a big convention, held in Austin for the first time this year, filled with music vendors from all over the place, like a big candy store for people who like music).  Deb introduced me to my very first girlie guitar crush.  We had to strongly resist the temptation to buy our own Star Guitars (I would've gotten a base!) and start our very own rockin' girl band.  Neil drooled in that distant shy way of his at guitars and drums and other instruments of destruction, Eric popped in and out (he did, after all, need to work the booth), and managed to get the guy manning the banjo booth to give us a history lecture on banjos and a 5-minute banjo lesson.

And before you go insisting a banjo is a pretty weird instrument to like, you've got to understand that every time we heard one (and if you think of this, it may be true for you to), every time we heard one played, we grinned.  We grinned that 5 year old kid grin that you do when you know something's got life and fun and delight in it's sound.  And we grinned the entire time the banjo guy told us the secrets of banjo playing, the reason why they have backs, the reason why you want brass fittings instead of steel ones if you're *truly* cool.  It was great.

Sadly, homework called.  I dragged myself to the library and spent the next few hours doing the assignment that produced this little thing I want to call my "collage of library pain" but instead should really name "huh, ok, meditation" (and yes, it's part of my homework)

Finally, though, we elected to grab some food before the kids headed to San Antonio to look at more of the state, and Matt's did us proud with their salsa, their dip, and their tasty meats.

I do kind of wish I had a weekend to rest up and recover from the week, though.  I'm just not used to this kind of activity, even if most of it was walking to class, dealing with work, and eating out!

So tell me - how are y'all?!

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