my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain


... Wow, the dicussions in my International politics class seem to descend rapidly to weird name calling and the worst kind of predjudices ... we just had a guy say that Islamic countries are way more of a threat than Communist ones (like North Korea) because they have that rhetoric of violence being broadcast by loudspeakers (ie: morning prayer).  It makes me want to barf. 

... My stomach still hurts a little bit from dinner last night.  We went to Ranch 616 and ate and ate and ate.  So much meat you might think your stomach was going to explode.  Frog legs, oysters, beef tenderloin, trout, chicken sausage, quail... all at one table.  And sure, I didn't eat a full-sized portion of each, but I did do my part.  We closed the restaurant down.

... Deb & Eric, sadly, took their leave from us.  We're going to miss two weeks of having old friends in town, goofing around, having a mini-vacation at the same time that we were working and schooling.

... Ever read Borges?  He makes me want to write meta commentary on my work, to undermine the way I'm writing.  To prove (and then perhaps disprove) my conscious writing and my unconscious impulses and lay them side by side.  I'd forgotten that the postmodernists inspire this kind of thing, that they make my little untalented writerly heart beat just a little faster.  It's why I'd fallen in love with the theory.  It's why I want to grow up to be a professor.  It's why I'm seriously loving this class.

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