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Goodie ... I think

I was worried that I'd have to take another English class because my degree audit stated that I did.  BUT, today, after some swift advising from the English dept advisor, I discovered that everything is totally fine. It was just that when I did the class/degree audit I didn't have it run right. They are going to count one of my older UCSC classes, and I really do only need 6 hrs in residence (which I will have satisfied with this summer 60s class). YAY!

The second good thing is that I stopped by the Asian Studies dept, and even though our undergrad advisor wasn't there, the Grad Advisor was and guess what she told me? They're trying to figure out a way for me to get a fellowship for Spring!!!! And if I can get one, she'll also try to figure out a way for me to get out of paying tuition! Isn't that awesome?!

However, the good news has been even handedly doled out amid slightly confusing news:  my Financial aid BILL doesn't reflect the full financial aid package I'm supposedly receiving.  It not even a case of two departments having trouble talking with each other - the info all comes from the same place!  Dammit.  Hopefully I'll have that resolved once I can get on the phone to someone. 

Also, sadly, I thought I might get out of my last course requirement for the Asian Stuides department (it showed up as being completed on that damn degree audit!) but my advisor says no, that the course on the audit isn't supposed to be credited to History.  Which means I still have to take an Asian History class, and sadly, my choices are limited to such exciting titles as History of East Asia Since 1800, Intro to Korea, Intro to China, Intro to Japan, Intro to India, Modern China, Muslim India, Partition of India, State and Society in Confucian China, and the like. NOT sexy courses.

Off to write papers on why the Moody Blues were representative of some kind of 60's ethos! Woot.
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