my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

I feel a bit as if my motivation left with spring break.

I had all these plans at the beginning of last week. Granted, they weren't flying to Peru plans, or even vacationing somewhere else plans, but ... they were my plans, and I wanted to do them. Instead, I took the week off and did practically nothing. Re-read books I've already read (and a couple I hadn't). Goofed around online. Did a teeny tiny bit of gardening, but mostly just enjoyed being able to sit on my back porch and have a garden. Great stuff.

Now though, now that I'm supposed to be back in full swing, my motivation is absolutely gone. I still want to goof around and play. Sure I'm interested in class, but as of this very moment, the looming to do list feels like a giant stone wall. I'd rather find excuses to be outside. It's absolutely beautiful outside. Sunny, bright, green and fabulous. And I've got this laundry list of things I'd rather not look at. Yuk.

So, the to do list:

Linguistics Homework
Linguistics Reading
Read Life in the Universe Ch. 6-8. Make notes for test Wed.
Create Native Plants flashcards for next week.
Download notes for Native Plants and start studying for test Wed.
Clean house
Grocery shopping

Next Week:
Get to the library for Madness & J.Women papers
Read theory for Madness & J.Women papers
Finish paper
Start writing Japanese Women paper (pick topic first)

Things I'd like to do:
Hang with EB
Work on "Present from Rack" fic
Work on "Chains to bind her" fic
Icons, must have more icons
Tags: journal entries, school

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