my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

well that was fun!

it's been one of those good weekends - the kind I really needed after this week, actually.  Funny how that happens.

First the un-fun:  Friday night was a little scary - we now have a pirate cat.  Felix scratched her eye somehow, an so was squinty eyed until we took her into the vet on saturday and they gave her belladona (well, the chemical kind) and dialated one eye completely out of proportion with the other.  She now has one eye that reacts to light and the other that's so dialated it's like she's on drugs.  I suppose that she is.  We have a healing creme and an appointment next week to make sure she's doing better.

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing, which suited me right down to my toes.  Later in the evening I took a three hour bath, used some Lush bath products (Thank you Deb!) and finished the first Anita Blake novel (reminding me, once again, why I started reading that series - because at one time it was actually kind of fun - even though you can see hints of the future drama, but only hints).

Today I coffeed with lostgirlslair and mrtwstedwhsprsThat  was simply awesome, and we giggled and swapped stories and I thnk had a marvelous time.  They're both absolutely lovely in person, and it's really cool to have them in Austin.  Hopefully I'll be able to drag them out to see the Buffy-Sing-A-Long and finally have people who know the songs go with me!  Anyway, I left bubbly, happy, and filled with caffine and nicotine and the feeling you get after good hugs (here's a secret for you:  LG gives good hug.)

Sadly, weekends have endings, don't they.  Off to homework and get ready for the week...

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