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I was all set to show off my self-inflicted award banners because today's the last day of summer_of_giles.  I made a bunch to thank everyone who participated...and was going to sadly bemoan the fact that I won't be comm-mistress for another year... when guess what went and happened????

twilightofmagic went and made me

Isn't she simply smashing?!

The response to my end of the comm post has acutally made me happy instead of sad - it really does seem like people had a great time with the comm and a great time this summer, and how can I argue with that Giles face up there?

And, since I did make them and I giggle at them every time I look ... and since I'm continually procrastinating studying for my international relations midterm tomorrow (I simply can't get excited about that class anymore... more on that sometime when you really want to be bored) ... here are the comm banners I chose for myself...


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