my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

3 things I learned in school today

1.  The debate on GMOs will not be solved, ended, or in any way clarified in my international relations class.  Besides, there are probably five people on the planet who have clear opinions about it.

2.  There's more than one way to shut down an opinionated person who doesn't have a clue.  (Regardless of his bastard nature, or what people think of him, Bob Dylan has talent, and he is quite eloquent every once in a while.  Besides, whatever he has to say is still more interesting than the opinion-guy whose only opinion is 'he's not a very good writer')

3.  Summer classes do not encourage one to complete homework.

Other than some crossed wires on plans we had tonight, it's been a relatively lovely day.  Sunny, beautiful, and even though painfully hot, there was something not quite so bad about getting into the car this afternoon.  Perhaps because I have that feeling of closure that busts out from the progression of classes, the coming to an end bringing that final manic rush of 'have I done too much, have I studied enough, have I learned something, anything, nothing?'

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