my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Bullpucky (or: the newest person I'd like to beat up)

I'm sitting in the car today and I hear James Atlas say some profoundly stupid things.

Among them:

"When I start writing, when I don't feel at ease with the material, that's when I know I've gone over the line. You need to find a comfort zone with your writing."

Can I just say how much that disgusts me? I hope he's not serious - I mean, it's hard to know, because it's a spoken interview - but still, does he really believe that? The most productive writing is the good stuff that makes everyone uneasy! Writer included. That's the best stuff. That's the awesome, break down the random crap, plumb the depths of the conscious, tear down the beliefs kind of stuff. He obviously will never understand writers like Chuck Palahniuk.

Now, they're talking about therapy, and how people create narratives in therapy, and that narrative is fiction, not "the way things really were". I don't object to any of that. Not at all. In fact, it's one of my closest held beliefs that the created narratives are the most interesting parts of the whole experience. What way are they created? What themes are there? What's being left out? Every single juicy bit of those narratives are the parts that are necessary and amazing about experience. Know what he says though?

"I don't believe in the narrative any longer. I believe we are the way we are because of our biological fate."

And I'd just like to object with a resounding BULLSHIT to that. What an ass! What an unmitigated ass. How can you go through life, as a writer, and not believe in the narrative? Sure, mistrust the narrative. Sure, hate the narrative. But to not believe in it? What the hell, why not say you don't believe in writing, too.

I mean, I know I'm enough of a postmodernist to know I like my narrative good and disrupted, even down right trodden on, but still, the value of the sucker is there. Because there is no objective truth, there is no eternal love, there is no uncomplicated easy biological answer. There's just the fucking story, told one way or another. And to try to escape the fact that you’re telling the story by saying something stupid about biological fate is hubris in the extreme. Where’s Zeus when I need him, to do some serious smiting?

Ok, I'll go be disgusted somewhere else now.
Tags: news, rants

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