my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

it's a banner day here at chez katekat

I don't have to work!  My employer had me working slightly longer hours this week so neither of us have to work today.  In addition to that, she paid me!  It really can't get any better than that as far as the work thing goes.

Last night a wonderful woman let me have her old research on Japan and Japanese postmodernism.  It's a huge pile of things I went through last night and sorted into 'must read now' and 'must read later because there's not enough time in the world to read now' and 'really interesting'.  She was so sweet - she even let me read some of her undergrad papers that she found in a file, and they were so much better than mine.  And now I've got bibliographies and places to hunt for resources and papers galore sitting in my office just waiting for me to pounce!

I'm also bouncing off the walls because elizabuffy is coming to visit today!!  I get to pick her cuteness up at the airport (and I will immediately thank her for still being willing to travel on the obnoxious and reactionary airlines - I can't believe that the US has its knickers in a twist about people the British government were building a case against for years... i mean, no liquids?  what the hell?).  We have all kinds of ideas on what to do this weekend, but only two firm plans:  coffee at 3pm tomorrow with lostgirlslair and BAT BOAT on Sunday at 7 pm!  Although Elizabuffy doesn't know about the Sunday reservations, as they were just made this morning (but she said she didn't mind, because, BATS!).  I cannot wait for her plane to land and the fabulous weekend begin.

I just realized that although I didn't get to leave town, we've had people visiting *us* this summer.  We are a vacation destination!  (ok, not really, but ... I'm going with it for right now).

Plans today:
+ cleaning the house so that elizabuffy is not scared by our lackadaisical housekeeping
+ visiting the store so that we have foodstuffs (we seem to run out of food at regular intervals?  what's up with that?)

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