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i'm back

Eye prognosis:  Apparantly, in the words of my new opthamologist, my eyes are beautiful; retinas, corneas, veins and all.  My light sensitivity may be due to allergies.  Yep.  Allergies.  He gave me cortozone drops to put in the eyes and hopefully that will clear up my problem.  Freaky, but hey, at least there's a simple fix.  I was truly freaked out for an afternoon or so.

I just got accepted here:

Woo Hoo!  This is what I get for trying to get advice on my icons and what needs improvement. lol.

We got home from the health center yesterday to find a man with a chainsaw in our backyard.  Our dead and falling over tree was finally removed.  Now, sadly, we realize that even though it was dead it shaded the house and made a big impact.  We have fabulous plans to get a new tree put in, but they involve time, digging, and slightly more hospitable climate than the past three weeks of over 100* heat.  Gah.  I've never been so ready for rain in my life.  Or envious of people getting grapefruit size hail (ok, not really that envious, because car and people and shrubbery damage is never fun, but ... i'd pay for a cool breeze.  Real money)

School starts next wednesday and I'm finally beginning to get excited about going back!  Scared too, that I've forgotten all of my Japanese and am going to be completely embarrassed the first class day.  But what's a little embarrassment between Japanese classmates?  At least I know a couple of people who are going to be in the same class I'm taking.

I've been a total hermit the last couple of days though, what with the eye thing, and now I want to hang out with people and see what they're doing.  But I'm having trouble mustering the energy to *call.*

And as further proof that I really needed to go back to school and get some smarts (but that I haven't yet gotten them), I went up to the Uni Cafe/Bar tonight because I thought I'd gotten an email from the Grad advisor saying she wanted to do an informal happy hour.  I arrive, and no one's there.  NO ONE.  I run by the asian studies department and all the doors are closed as if everyone left for the day.  I walk back to see if they'd walked over when I missed them, and nope, no one's there.  I drive home (through rush hour traffic) to find that the happy hour's going to be NEXT week.  Yeah.  I really can read.  Promise.

Neil's birthday is next week, and I've already figured out a present for the man who has everything (thank god).  I couldn't contain myself though and now he knows.  We're planning dinner next week... somewhere...  wish me luck!

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