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Fic & Meme: 5 things....

So, secondalto is doing this 5 things meme right now.  And I thought I'd kind of join in!  So, if anyone's interested, the directions:

Comment to this post with a suggestion for a "top five" list (5 ways Xander never kissed Buffy, 5 times Wesley didn't cry, etc.) and I'll make a post later with my interpretations of the lists. They might be sentences, they might be drabbles. Who knows? Serious or fun, or both! Then, if you like, post this to your own journal and try it yourself.

And since I got all excited about doing 5 things, here:

5 ways Spike and Giles Never met.

1.  His father had rewarded him for his first term performance with a look at the vampire archives. The records of known vampires – things he would have full access to once he was done with training, but that was many years away.  Rupert poured over the charcoal drawings of the Scourge of Europe, his finger tracing a cheekbone of the vampire that looked too young to be so cruel, and wondered what it would be like to have no soul, no responsibilities, no conscience.

2.  Ripper stood at the fringe of all the madness, pissed at Ethan for getting them in and adoring him for it.  Then a shock of blond hair passed him and all thoughts of Ethan fled at the memory of those cheekbones in charcoal and lurid thoughts in a library once upon a time.  Ripper couldn’t resist. He had to see if the devil that looked out of those eyes was as evil as he’d thought. He found his answers in a dark corner of the party, where no one could see them.  Spike was amused by his boldness and Ripper learned reality is much better, and far more dangerous, than any schoolboy fantasy.

3.  He didn’t care if he lost a little bit of his soul.  After losing Randall, he knew he didn’t have much of one left, anyway, so asking some nameless vampire to suck it away with his blood for a few minutes of oblivion didn’t seem like such a high price.  What he didn’t expect was blue eyes that challenged him, an amazing mouth wandering over him, calling up better memories than those he could not seem to put away, and sharp teeth that pierced his skin making his body burn with loss and lust and life. 

4.  He gave Buffy a lift into the heating tube, and then turned down the hall to find others and get them out.  Instead of humans though, he caught sight of Spike and was struck dumb.  Even in game-face and snarling at minions he was beautiful.  Giles shook his head, and suddenly Spike noticed him.  Noticed him and grinned, that predatory grin that shot fire into Giles’ veins.  For a long moment the world narrowed to that hall, with the two of them standing, staring, wanting. Then something down another hallway crashed them both out of their reveries.  Spike was out of sight in the blink of an eye and Giles headed in the opposite direction, looking to find the other humans that were trapped.

5.  There was a knock, and Giles knew it wasn’t the children at all. He dreaded, and wanted, the door to open on a vampire with blue eyes and blond hair. So when it happened, he couldn’t be surprised, not by that. What shocked him was the way his body reacted, the way he almost said the words of invitation, the way he almost forgot that he had to resist that smile and those eyes. But he knew he had to be careful now – he had other things, other people, a Slayer, that he had to live for. He stood firm. Nevertheless, when temptation called with such beauty, he couldn’t resist one kiss, standing in the doorway between the night and the light, Spike's lips cool against his own.

5 ways Buffy notices, even when she’s not supposed to.

1.  Giles always limps after they’ve sparred.  Nothing that anyone else would see – just a half second slower on his left side.  She wishes she could tell him they don’t have to practice, so that he wouldn’t be in pain, but he’d never be ok with that.  Instead, every time it gets almost pronounced enough for others to see it, she beggs off.  Giles thinks she needs a night off to go to the Bronze or something, and she doesn’t care if that’s what it takes to give him just a little more time to heal.

2.  Her Watcher doesn’t go home some nights, when he’s researching hard and fast and furiously.  He hides the signs – he’s got two spare suits in his office and it’s not like he’s never alert, with all the gallons of tea.  But she sees the little extra rumple in his hair, the little curve in his not so perfectly knotted tie, and she has this overwhelming feeling that she should thank him.  But that’s silly, because it’s not her that he’s doing this for, it’s the world.  Every night she goes out and saves the world a little bit, but she wouldn’t know how to without him.

3. After a couple of hours of translation, especially if he’s writing with a fountain pen, his hands cramp.  He has exercises that he’s supposed to do – he did them once – but it’s like he won’t do them now because he doesn’t want to admit to the pain.  She can see it, though.  She can see it and all she wants to do is grab his hand and make him stop writing for a minute, calm his fingers down and warm them up.  Hold his hands, his beautiful hands, in her own, just for a little while.

4.  He was relaxed.  Relaxed in a way that she didn’t want to think about too closely because it reminded her of band candy and patrol cars and thoughts that weren’t hers.  Even when he’s slightly embarrassed that she’s standing there, that they’re standing there, all three of them, he doesn’t blush – just smiles with chagrin – because he’s relaxed.  It makes her a little envious, because she’s never felt that relaxed, not from sex… not yet at least. 

5. When he’s truly happy he giggles.  Giggles like a fifteen-year old who’s gotten away with hiding the porn mags under his bed.  It’s a new thing, this giggling, but she knows it comes from the best place, because it’s the same place that her urge to smile and hug every one comes from.  That place where you’re so happy you want every body else to be that happy too.  She’s been smiling for two days and can’t seem to stop, and he’s been giggling at Xander’s jokes and Anya’s deadpan and Willow’s babble. Every one’s starting to give them both the ‘hmmm, straightjacket?’ looks.  And she doesn’t think her smile can get any wider until he goes and throws his arm over her shoulder when they’re researching that night.  The crazy-looks turn into understanding-looks and all she can do is stare into green eyes and grin the biggest grin she’s ever had.  And all he does his giggle, a little, and smile down at her like she’s the most precious thing in his world.  Which is fine with her.
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