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Fic & Meme: 5 other things ...

For secondalto

warnings - a little gore, some drama, and some goofy (each is titled for your protection)

5 ways Buffy stopped Glory (without jumping)

(ps - screwing with cannon a bit to get these accomplished)

1. The Bloody One:

Buffy saw him, saw them, she thought, down an alley, through the vampire dust.  Three hours before the witching hour and she found them lurking a block away from the Magic Box.  She couldn't believe her luck. They were fighting with each other, and the moment she heard Ben give in to Glory she knew that she could kill him.  It was messy when she launched herself at him and struck his chest.  Human - or not quite human - bones crunched and shifted.  There were all kinds of fluids that vampires never ... guess they really were more human in that moment.  All in a second, all those months of fear, were gone.  She stood in the alley and looked at the blood on her hands.

2.  The Happy One:

They modified the spell to include the new ones.  This time it read "Make us innocence, valor, strength, mind and heart and spirit joy. Let the hand encompass us.  Do thy will."  Willow still said it, and Giles still lit the candles, and Xander still chanted along, but this time Tara was able to burn the incense, and Anya drew the circle, and Spike did more than guard.  This time they were six strong, those who lent their power to Buffy - the power of the dead and the undead, the former demon and the healer, combined with the Watcher and the Witch and the Heart.  And this time Buffy felt as if she was going to explode with power.  It was enough.  It was more than enough.  They saved the world, with joy and laughter and tears and terror.  Again.  And this time, there weren't any angry dreams.

3.  The One With Character Death:

"You know you have to let me." Dawn cried, "It has to have the blood.  It has to be me."  She looked up, fierce and almost angry, “It’s my turn to save the world, ok Buffy?  You gotta let me save the world this time.”  Buffy nodded through tears.  She knew.  Knew her heart was breaking, knew she'd failed ...  and this time she couldn’t fix it. The First Slayer’s words echoed in her brain. She held onto Dawn as long as she could, before the gap got too big.  Dawn hugged her back, and whispered, “now” as Buffy nodded, and then softly slipped the knife between her little sister's ribs.  "Thank you," Dawn whispered. "Buffy, thank you... just… promise, promise not to forget me."  Buffy nodded again, no words left.  The gaping hole in the sky began to close just as the blood stopped flowing from the wound Buffy had made. Wouldn’t stop the hole in her heart.  That would be there forever.  But it was done.

4.  The Silly One:

"You found a WHAT?" Giles thundered.  Willow looked down at the book again, but she wasn't going to back down, even if Giles was freaked.  She patiently explained the ritual.  The ritual sex.  The ritual sex that, if they all participated, her and Buffy and Giles and Xander, if they did it right, would obliterate Glory and every one associated with her.  So that's what they did.  They got the special candles, they got the secret oil (that was really just pure rosemary oil with some rose petals thrown in), and they signed the "we resolve never to speak of this again" paper Xander had typed up and photocopied.  They grinned at each other after the magical sparkles dissipated, and Xander decided it was his favorite method to stave off apocalypse.  Funny how Buffy and Giles and Willow kind of agreed.

5.  The Utterly Absurd One:

They had a plan.  A plan involving the hammer, the sphere, and a small nuclear bomb that Xander had managed to scavenge from the local army base.  Yeah, who knew?  But it fit in the palm of Buffy's hand, and she figured even 'she who must not be named' would be knocked back a bit by the fire of a million suns.  It worked, more perfectly than anybody could've anticipated - they followed Tara, got there before anybody had the chance to take Dawn up those rickety steps.  The hammer and the sphere weakened Glory enough that Willow could do her spell, and Buffy could shove that activated (and conveniently timer-ed) nuclear device down her throat.  When it went off, Glory's skin contained the explosion, and it was like she melted inside an iron husk.  Dawn had wanted to roast marshmallows, but Buffy didn't really think it was such a great idea.  Instead Willow and Giles did a spell to stick her destroyed body in a toxic waste dump, and they called it a day.  A very long, very weird, day.

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