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Grad school is the coolest thing ever!

Ok, well, I don't know that for sure quite yet.  BUT.  I do know that orientation was fricking fabulous.  There were people to talk to, and even a Ph.D. student who is doing similar work (he promised to read some of the theory I like and he's going to give me names of Japanese writers who are doing cool things that I just can't find here).  Oh, and I'm going to make him give me a copy of his Masters thesis. Because I can.

It was sooooo much fun!  Cookies and orientation stuff.  Yeah, I know, that sounds oddly dull, but for me it's been this delayed thing - two years where I wasn't actually doing this stuff that I got rid of my vaugely corporate job to do.  Two years where I've had to wade through undergraduate science requirements and restrain myself from taking all of the I really wanted to take.  So I'm feeling like I'm finally, finally, finally getting to start the real thing!  The real academic thing.  The one where I do research for things I'm interested in.  The one where everybody in the room actually had research interests.

And, besides, it was nice not to be the oldest person in the room for a change.  I mean, I pass for a girl in my mid-20s, but when I was taking classes with 19-year old undergraduates that doesn't really level things out. 

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