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How cool is this?  I am now helping to edit the South Asian Graduate Research Journal (which somehow becomes the acronym SAGAR)!  And if you're wondering how I could actually even manage to read a South Asian studies paper and know what the heck is going on  - I can't!  I mean, I can tell if they supported their argument, but I can't tell if their contentions are way off base.  But what I can do is edit!  The kind of editing that makes sure all the commas are in place and all the periods are single and everything else.  Not only that, but they're sending this book to the publisher after formatting it in WORD of all things.  So I'm probably going to be helping with that too.  Yep.  And who knows?  I might even get mentioned as part of the editorial staff someday!  How's that for padding the CV?

more on the joys of student life - one of the guys on the SAGAR (prounounced Sagr for those who are interested) and I ended up in a convo outside of the asian studies building and even though he's doing his research on Tamul literature (yes, Tamul!) he'd read Mishima and so we chatted about books and historical movements and Japanese writing and GAH.  Did I mention that he's pretty with a lovely croation accent?  Why is it that i get the silly 10 year old girl crushes on the guys with accents?  And that he's smart to boot?  (Neil, don't worry, you're still the cutest, but I get to have girl crushes, right?)   Besides, the fun part was that we talked intellectual trash talk and not only could i keep up, i KNEW stuff.  I am becoming slightly knowledgeable in my field!!  I can not only hold up a conversation, but start one!  With smart people!  I am in a world where there are people who read Tamul for their Ph.D. thesis.  I love this so much.  LOVE THIS. 

On top of all that it was a fabulously goofy (and curiously productive) weekend.  Neil made cookies (see!  production!), and we bought a new battery for my car (also quite productive!), and Neil installed it while I held the flashlight (so, productive for one of us!).  We went to Bat Fest 2006 on the Congress Avenue bridge, watched the bats fly out from underneath us, saw a seriously old school heavy metal band (with seriously old school fans too - the crowd was as bizzare as it was amusing to watch), rocked out, goofed around, and watered the back yard.

So, of course, it's raining today.  Just when we were getting our watering act together.  Mabye that's what the Austin has been waiting for - for us to actually start watering, so it could rain and spoil our plans.  Hee.

Because I can't be bothered to put two paragraphs into a file and call it "notes", but I didn't feel right not taking the info somewhere:

Myth:  "a true story" - a narrative that is meaningful to the people who tell it.  Myths should be judged on their meaningfulness, not on their historical accuracy.  There is a sense, sometimes, that what is morally true is also historically true (this opinion affects those cultures went through the Enlightenment)

Important part:  the world begins with the division of unity that then gets broken into consistently smaller, different parts... equated to the speech act - from thought (that is whole), to the utterance of a syllable (OM) to the utterance of words (dividing heaven and earth) to the creation of a sentence (the rules of living)

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