my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

up and down and all around

wednesday?  feels like monday. 

The wheels of the universe move onward.  Look at me trying to sound philosophical.  Truth is, I'm still shakey and inordinately whiny and quick to react (or over react). 

Japanese translation class sucked - oh, most of it was fine, because we had two pieces that I could read in english.  Those were great.  Discussion was great.  I was not at my most eloquent, but I think I got the point across occasionally.  However, the piece that I got a paragraph into, that was entirely in Japanese and had no translation, was lingered over for at least an hour.  And there's nothing fun about feeling increasingly helpless when you want to be compitent. 

Besides that, the prof didn't want us to leave until 12 noon - didn't even begin to discuss the reading assignment until 11:56 - at which point I was scrambling and hussling because I knew I had to get to another Japanese class to take a quiz.  The first quiz of the semester and not only was I late for a class that actually docks points from your grade if you're late too many times -- I missed the damn quiz because I was muddled enough from the latter part of the first class that I didn't get my shit together and I felt like I needed to find out what we were reading next week (and hope there was a translation of it - which, apparantly, at this moment in time there is not).

Afternoon was a struggle to stop obsessing about my zero language capability and just get work done and make it until 6 pm.  Meant to talk to the boss about some product that came to me mistakenly on her credit card - didn't get that done either. 

However, tonight I'm a reading fiend.  I will finish all of my assignments for tomorrow, I will be great and stellar and excited in class, I will get ready for our weekend in Oakland, I will take breaks to call friends that I miss, I will be go to bed at a reasonable hour so my lack of sleep doesn't impact my already crappy mood, and I will try to figure a way to eat a healthy dinner (to achieve same).

One nice thing about today was this award

(and to see the art it was awarded to, click the banner) and seeing friends get awards for the spectacular things they do as well.  Congrats to you all.

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