my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

almost there...

Yay for Thursday!  Yay for only 1 class tomorrow (even if I have a quiz and reading to do for it)!

I've been home alone (well, with the kitten, who, although she does count as a kind of person, doesn't really talk back) since Monday night.  This means that I tend to come home, turn on the TV for sound and accompanyment, foof around with my homework for many hours, and do nothing terribly formal.  I get lazier instead of more motivated. 

+ make dinner
+ Japanese kanji practice
+ Japanese speed reading
+ At least 1 article for Cather's class
+ face mask
+ banking
+ wedding entry... seriously.
+ edit Calynda's paper

+ call and figure out Mom's birthday flowers
+ buy cat food
+ read rest of articles for Cather's class
+ go to Gomez show

+ Japanese homework for Monday
+ study for Japanese test Monday
+ rough draft of India/China origins paper

+ study for Japanese test
+ reading for India/China
+ reading for Religion & Rebel.
+ coffee with LG & TF, and perhaps Supratik
+ pick up Neil from the Airport!

Did anyone else watch Survivor tonight?  And if so, WHERE THE HECK have I seen Jonathan before?  I'll give you a gold star if you tell me!

Tonight's dinner will consist of:
- mangos, blueberries, rasberries & strawberries
- 3 cheeses (brie, mizithra, and one new one)
- seed bread
- olives
- pesto potato salad

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