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The Great Kitten Fic List - my friends, I need your help!

In a search for the freaky cute in our fandom, I need *you*!  You're called to arms... well, really, requested to give me links to ANY pairing that has kittens in it!  Yep, that's right, the most cute of the cute fics from our fandom.  The good, the bad, the cuddly - I want 'em all.

Because the world can't have enough kittens in it.

Please, comment and give me links to any kitten fic you've ever read.  I will be forever indebted to you!  When I get a bunch of links together I'll post 'em all, and then you'll have a handy directory for squishy cutness at your fingertips!

+ Xander has kittens (S/X) by Spurglie, and it's companion piece Xander's kittens have kittens
+ George (S/X) by Ladycat
+ 9 Lives (S/B/T) by Sally & Miranda
+ Ogden Nash Blues (S/T) by Anne Hedonia
+ Cuddly Predators (S/X) by entrenous88
+ Under the Mountain (S/X) by tabaqui
+ The Nightmare on Oakpark Street (Giles and Miss Kitty Fantastico) by elizabuffy
+ Everybody's Fool (B/G) by gilesbabe
+ In From The Storm (G/Wes) by bethynyc
+ The Cat Life (S/X AU) by frk_werewolf

+ Caldwell by elementalv (CSI, Grissom & cat)

ETA: LOL, I'll take cats too! And, since elementalv gave me a CSI link, I'll take other fandoms too... why not?

ETA2: even if you don't have any kitten fics, if you wanted to pimp this, I'd be terribly obliged!
Tags: fic discussion, recs

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