my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

this is Hard Harry reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork, and do your homework in the dark.

I'm working on it.  Today has been.... well, bumpy, funny, hurley girdy in that 'not enough sleep too much work, oh my god I just took a test' kind of way.  Yep, back in it again.  I fear this will be a weekly freak out of arbitrarily large proportions.

Yesterday, however, I got my Neil back.  After endless hours on the phone with him, coordinating the aircraft as if we knew what we were doing, they finally managed to get him here three hours late.  Or was it two?  What with the collection of luggage, the wandering around, and the driving through the thunderstorm, I've completely lost track of time.

The best part about it was getting him home, and sitting on the couch with him just talking.  Sure, we were both a little tired, and the conversation went in fits and starts between intense petting of the cat and that silence we get when we don't need to talk to each other to communicate, and damn it is good to have him back.

However, since I'd known that the homework was going to get dropped out the window the moment he walked back through the door, I'd tried to take care of it earlier in the weekend.  Truly.  Desipite all graphic-type evidence to the contrary, I'd read one 40-page article, one 10-page article, started on another 40-pager, done an outline for my paper, created flashcards, re-read grammar discussions, looked up japanese, downloaded files, studied with friends for tests, and managed to miss my window to buy cat food.  (and ok, that one?  not such a great thing to do in our household.  but I did mange to get up this morning and fix that problem).

Speaking of this morning, I left the house before 8, got back and immediately hopped into study-mode (after all, we did have a Chapter test in Japanese today).  Left an hour early to get to school, managed to stress myself out because there was no parking, ran to class because I parked so late, took the test and took it and continued taking it until our Sensei practically ripped the tests out of our hands and shooed us out of the classroom so the next class could come in.  But hey, every second is precioius, right?  Whalloped off to the job, where intellectual discussion abounded (which is generally good, but sometimes a little charged when you're coming from two diametrically opposed and emotional viewpoints), and then.... arrived home.

... to finish the other 40-page article, eat some dinner (delightfully yummy pan-pizza), run out to get paper for our overworked printer, write the outlined paper (which turned out to take longer than I'd thought - a whole two and a half hours!!  grrr!), and get started on *another* 40 page article.  Because, you see, after the reading this weekend, it appears that I am not a work-a-holic, but instead a complete slacker!!  I have 3 more articles to read by tomorrow afternoon at 3:30, all of them at least 25 pages.

And I don't mean to whine - this really isn't a whine - it's more one of those explainations about why my brain is twisting like a kite on a string, why I'm not commenting to people's posts even though I dearly want to, why my eyeballs seem dry in their sockets and my back is beginning to tighten up.  At least my fingers haven't gone numb yet.  It's something to look forward to.

Because tomorrow?  Tomorrow is another day.  I'm turning out the lights tonight. reading by osmosis works, right???

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