my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

You're right, I've got a lot of problems... But they belong to me.

trying to physically restrain myself to keep away from livejournal a bit in order to get done what i need to get done.  it's that kind of temptation that i've grown used to - like smoking - it's part of a routine that i like, so i want to keep it, but if i do that there's no time for anything else, much less the everything else that needs to get done, and soon.

the partial list:  2 biblios are due next week, 1 translation (full) is due the week after, and i've got a japanese test tomorrow

i don't want to pay attention to any of them at all.

yesterday I managed to turn off the procrastination urge and get down and dirty with a three page paper that wasnt' my best work, but was done in an hour and a half, so hey, that works.  Finished at least one of the 40-page (book copy) original sources for Religion and Rebellion too (the first half was interesting purely because it's a forged account of the diary of a minister during the boxer rebellion that fooled all of the academics for a while, and trying to spot the forgery was neat).  I came home today and actually read the first chapter in my theory book that's probably going to get worked into my final paper for my third class, and it mentioned at least three things I'd like to read and need to be on the lookout for, so that's a start. 

I was not the one to mention that the Boxer Rebellion shows up in both Buffy and Angel.  The only guy in our class did that.  I wanted to cuddle him.  LOL.

it's my birthday next tuesday and the plan is to go out for a nice dinner, but that's only if i get my homework done first.  What's that mean?  I think it means that tomorrow night, instead of going to a party, I will be doing my homework.  I think it means that I will continue to do homework on Saturday and Sunday and Monday. 

And I'd like to know why our senior seminar professor thought we'd all be excited about reading the 100 page translation of anchient budhist poetry for our next class?  Because I certainly won't be enjoying it.

ok, i know, this pointless complaining is nothing compared to some of what's happening in everybody's ife, so don't let it be said that i'm not damn grateful for the silly problems that i have/don't have.  I hope you all out there get good dreams (and good things come from them). 

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