my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

At Skip 200 but I did all my homework - isn't it time for a cookie?

So, depending on how fast I write this, it may be three minutes to my birthday (or perhaps not?).

I have this tremendous urge to list things again - things I've done, things I'm going to do, good things that have happend and the bad that I'd like to sweep under the carpet, but can't seem to let go of.  Ok, that's it, I give up, here's a list  (and I promise to try to make my brain stop being this linear in the near future!  promise!)

The bad:
+ My dad's bypass is not a single, it's a quadruple.  And he's also having it done on my birthday.
+ I got a D on my Japanese test.  I'm getting a C in the class.  I am supposed to have an A.
+ I totally got the names reversed when I asked my question for my Grad course and got this email from the prof explaining that Japanese names are typed last name first.  GAH the embarrassment!

The weird:
+ My friend tells me that I talk like they do on Buffy.  I'm not sure if I should be scared.
+ I'm behind on my website design stuff, but still have time

The accomplished:
+ shit!  I just got a present dumped into my lap.  I must go!  Suffice it to say there ARE good things!!!  Promise!!

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