my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Ok, the happy list

Since I got cut off, but I didn't want to leave things that way:

The Awesome things!
+ The present from my beloved (he says it's the midnight present, and there is another one coming) was the cutest softest little stuffed puppy.  Since we're not getting a real one right now, I have a little buddy that i'm going to take with me to class tomorrow. 
+ There is another present coming! (I'm not materialistic at all, why do you ask?)
+ (continuing a theme) I decided to open another present from my sweetest friend Miranda, who totally rocks and who sent me the BEST smelling stuff ever.  Both in lotion and in candle form!!  EVER, I tell you.  antennapedia, I know you swear by BVL, and glimmergirl and elizabuffy, I know you guys are lush fanatics, but Perfect Love is the scent for me.  Sadly, the Creative Scentualization site is down, so I cannot direct you to the scent to prove it's worthyness.
+ (continuing another theme) just checked Miranda's blog right now and got even better news that just made me happy and want to cry with the happiness.
+ I won stuff at the Serenty at the Hellmouth Awards!  Congrats to everyone else who won on my flist!
+ nemo_88 made me an absolutely beautiful B/G banner for my birthday!  It's totally sweet, and so is she!
+ I have finished all of my homework up through Wednesday, so can actually go out and enjoy my birthday in decadence!

(umm, there were other things too, but they have been crowded out by the exclaimation points that I've been using, so you'll have to live with that!)

*massive hugs to you all*

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