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Ii Tanjyoubi

It was a simply fabulous birthday!  I couldn't have asked for better.  The phone rang off the hook with birthday greetings (which I adored), got bunches of emails and comments (sorry I haven't replied but I cherished every one). 

The morning started off with rain.  That is a spectacular thing when you're me, not only because it's been freakishly dry around here, but also because I like the rain.  I love having a huge umbrella to walk under, I love puddles - heck, I even like my toes getting wet!  But, due to the rain it was dark outside our window, so I slept in a little bit and headed out to school and gave myself permission to park in the paid parking that was close to class, because, after all, it was my birthday!  Also, in the spirit of indulgence, I bought myself a mocha and a chocolate muffin.  OMG was it chocolatey!  Got to class, was able to make comments because I'd done all that lovely prep work, and finished it in one fell swoop.

Ok, so, if you haven't noticed a trend yet, I tend to be quite indulgent.  And my major present to myself was a the total hair pacakge at Orbit Salon.  They're too cool for themselves, but in that lovely Austin way where all of the stylists are super sweet and have at least three unnatural colors in their hair.  So I got my fur colored and cut (and prettily blown dry with "shine" put in).  The woman who cut and colored and everything actually managed to give me what I wanted even though her only reference was a blurry photograph of me drinking a cider at one of our parties four years ago.  That's talent!  So after she layered two different dye colors on, did my eyebrows (something I've never done before, and can't decide if it's weird or not to have them done), cut my hair, and blew it dry, it was time for me to scamper back to my 3:30 class.  It all worked out perfectly!  Then, after the teacher actually prefaced her first comment to me with "great color!" (hee!), we groused about our reading, watched more Charlton Heston and people doing awful impressions of the Boxer Rebellion (I love in-class movies!  Especially ones as awful as this). 

I got home and found my darling man had used the sloganizer to sloganize a paper trail into the house with things like "It's a Kate Adventure" and "Life's Pretty Straight Without Kate"  and my favorite "Snap! Crackle! Kate!" to a veritable pile of presents wrapped in pink panda paper.  There was a reasonable orgy of unrapping, and my favorite present was from the cat - she got me The Zero Effect!  Because we didn't have it on DVD!  She is the sweetest animal ever!!

Actually, my favorite present was the call I got from my stepmother amidst the unwrapping that my father made it through his surgery and was resting and is, for the moment, doing well.

My second favorite present is my new digital camera that my beloved got me!  8 megapixels in a tiny little package!!  EEEEEEE!!! 

Ok, so I'll stop dwelling on the materialistic and move onto the dinner - scrumptious steakhouse at Austin Land & Cattle Co, with a yummy, zesty zinfandel, steak dipping sauces, crisp salad and simply mouthwatering chocolate brownie for dessert.  My stomach is rumbling with retrospective happiness as I type.  But the best part was that Neil and I haven't really gone out quite like that for a while, and we talked and giggled and held hands and walked for a little bit after dinner and it was simply perfect.

And that, as they say, was that.  :)



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