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Pimpage: Gay Fiction Booklist That Doesn't Suck

Do I have a website for you!  Bored with reading online?  Need your gay fiction in book form (hey, it's way easier to keep a book charged since it doesn't require batteries)?

Check out my friend Gabriel's brand spanking new book list...

The Gay Fiction Booklist That Doesn't Suck

He's got a brilliant and occasionally scathing voice, and you'll always know exactly what he thinks about a book from the moment you read a review.  I can speak to his reccing ability - everything he's ever given me has been dead on (from the book he once handed me and said "well, you'll probably want to throw this in the trash, but read it anyway" to the trilogy he gave me for my birthday that was absolutely scrumptuous, although, in his words, "it's great but it's not super gay")

You'll find a rage of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and more mainstream fiction, although his hunt did start in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.  Seriously, even if you don't normally pick up books, go read a review, laugh, and if you're so inclined, tell your friends (since he is trying to become the definitive gay book reviewer *grin*)!

ETA: link is fixed. I am a dork. We knew this.
Tags: recs, review

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