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Once upon a time...

There was a girl.  She had red hair.  She lived in the wilds of Austin with her boyfriend and went to college.  And occasionally she had a few minutes to breathe.

But not this last week!  No, this last week on Saturday she and her boyfriend went to the tree farm to see if there were any trees that wanted to come home with them.  There was a cute puppy there, and some men who wanted to tell the girl and her boyfriend how much the trees cost... and when they found out, their eyes got as big as saucers and they sadly had to say goodbye to the dog and leave.   Because $600 for a tree is just more money than the girl or her boyfriend had. 

Instead they went to Lowes, and found out that Lowes carries a very special kind of tree.   The cheep kind.  The $20 kind.  So this girl and her boyfriend decided that they'd probably go get new trees for their house next weekend... probably from Lowes.

That night there was a celebration for one of the girl's favorite people - a true lady named Vettie who was celebrating her 21st birthday.  The girl and her boyfriend got to visit with all of their friends (people they'd quite missed) over a scrumptious dinner at a little bistro restaurant called Asti, and they helped Vettie close down a couple of bars downtown (and managed to take some pictures that were more cute than useful for blackmail).  It was a fabulous night.

The next morning the girl woke up and made waffles for her Japanese teacher, and they translated the Japanese for her reading assignment on Wednesday so well the girl's professor didn't even make her change it before she sent it to class.  The rest of that day the girl spent alternating between homework and web design, because the girl had a contract and was getting paid (and because she liked to learn, and to have her homework done).

Monday the girl went to school and had a grand time with her professor, and went to work and had a serious talk with her employer.  Most of the time she got along with her employer, but the week before had been quite stressful, and even though the employer didn't really want to talk about it, they talked about it anyway.  The girl managed to bite her tongue when her employer told her that the mix up from the week before wouldn't have happened if the girl had done her job right, and everything was right in the working world (or as right as it can be, because, of course, we all know jobs are never completely perfect, even if they are flexible and things like that).

Tuesday was a normal day for the girl - lots of homework, a conversation test to study for in her Japanese class - and it flew by. Wednesday, though, was long and long and long, because the girl gave a presentation (and got her translation ripped to shreds) by her classmates in her Japanese reading class, and then got to nervously tell and entire story, ON FILM, to her Japanese professor in her Japanese class.  For some reason, every time the girl has to do these kinds of presentations, she gets so nervous that her fingers shake.  So she spent twenty or so minutes afterwards sitting outside of her classroom, kvetching with some other people who felt the same.

Ok, I can't stand writing in the third person anymore.  Thursday was homework filled, although I think I'm talking to Tyler about the work website every ten minutes or so.

But the best part of the week was Friday!!

Started out with a Japanese quiz that I finally got 100 on, then had lunch with a friend, found out there's one summer program in Japan from the study abroad office, and went back to get my entry into grad school mostly straightened out (there are still some things that need to fall into place - namely money, but i can't do anything about it at the moment so I'm not gonna).

The middle was this talk by a distinguished Japanese scholar Ian Buruma, where most of the Japanese program people showed up, especially two of my favorites right now, and one of my professors from the summer I absolutely adore.  We had drinks afterwards, and I got to meet Susan Napier!!  (This gets the double exclamation points because this is the woman that I actually went to UT to learn from - and who quit before I could ever take a class with her.  Apparently she's still in Austin.

The best, best part of all that?  She's currently doing her research in yaoi (that's Japanese boy/boy manga) and interested in how and why and where it's coming into the US, and I totally got into a slash discussion with her!  With my peers around me.  And said something interesting!  And they were impressed (and a little bit eyebrows raised because I knew the lingo, but whatever).  It was absolutely fabulous!

Plus, to put a cherry on the cake, my beloved took me out to dinner tonight at this fabulous little grill.  We had scrumptious fries, yummy wine, delightful burgers, and good conversation.  We kept the bubbly momentum of the day going all the way through the evening.

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