my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Where in the heck did Friday come from??

It's been a fricking fabulous week!  Ok, sure, still overwhelmingly busy, but I think I'm starting to adjust to the constant fear and adrenaline rush or something.

We had our East Asian Studies Graduate Student Forum on Monday, and not only did I manage to put together something that sounded like I was halfway prepared, I managed to talk about my work AND sound intelligent about it!  Yay!  Plus, I got to show a screenshot of Tetsuo with the metal drill in place of his penis, so hey, I got to do a little scandalizing as well.  I don't really think anyone was scandalized, but it was attention getting to say the least!

AND I actually survived the presentation of those same materials in my Grad class on Wednesday.  That was frigging phenomenal - I wish I could do that for every paper I write, because I work so much better in a group where one person's idea can spark another and then all of a sudden you've got this amazing set of things that you just need to write down because ... well... it so works!  The same thing happened on Wednesday, where I learned that my paper isn't about postmodernism at all, it's about metal and chemicals and the self.  Isn't it always about the self?

Well, to those people out there who explain the Japanese identity as one without a stable self image, i say BAH! to you!  I have selves deteriorating AND getting combined together.  heee.

After surviving the two academic trials I was most worried about this week, the rest of it seemed easy.  Just a master's thesis and a senior seminar paper to edit for friends... And then today I popped into the Asian Studies office to find that the SAGAR (South Asian Graduate Research Journal) had been printed and low and behold - I AM AN EDITOR!  Yep, my name is there in flat black text as having helped to edit.  I figure I'm not doing half bad for my first semester as a master's student!  CV padding here I come!

Ok, so in all the mess I managed to forget that I was supposed to post things at fall_for_spike until yesterday, and then flailed to put something together so I wouldn't leave them high and dry.  We really need a notification system for these seasonal comms so that someone can ping you a week or so before your date comes up.  But I've posted, and gotten some lovely feedback on the icons so far, so hey, it's not all bad.

Last but not least I had a slew of work to do for the workplace today, but got through most of it, and then the magnificent boss lady handed me an envelope with my paycheck and the last payment for the website in it... and, unbenounced to me, a Christmas Bonus!  I haven't seen those things for years!  So I'm feeling like I can handle a little christmas shopping (or maybe try and find a dress for all the fancy restaurants we're going to eat at when we head to vegas) without freaking out or looking longingly at the credit cards.  Or maybe I'll finally buy myself a pair of jeans.  Decisions.  Decisions are good.

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