my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

i promised myself i'd try to check in on fridays

it's been an absolute shit week.  and it really doesn't end for me until next week.  and then I will be heading out on a plane to sunny California (which is good) to visit my dad (which is also good) and then flying back again (with my mom on the same flight, also good) so that we can do christmas.  If I make it that far.

Um, I'd ask for a do over except I never want to have to do that one again.  Because I spent so much time researching, trying to find a copy of this movie I was writing about, translating the Japanese descriptions of the movie, looking for religion papers about film, and all of that stuff, I didn't actually get far into my paper due on Thursday until Wednesday night.  Yep, I tried to write a 20 page paper in one night.

Tried is the operative word.  Ended up asking for an extension, which totally pissed the professor off, but she'd rather have what i'm going to hand her tomorrow than what I was going to hand her Thursday. 

Sadly, that didn't mean the fun ended.  I also had a Japanese test to study for, and then another two papers are left.  One of which requires a significant translation component that I'm just not sure I"m going to be able to do in three god damned days.  It's due Wednesday, 5 pm.  I think I will end up taking every free moment to work on it.  And figure out some time to write the paper that's got to go with it.

Oh, except I still have my senior seminar paper due Monday.  So I've got to finish that up.  It has one last section required... and I'm almost there on that. 

Then financial aid sends me an email last night that tells me I OWE THEM $4000.  I don't even have the brain space to be able to deal with this shit.  AND since I owe them money, they have a bar on my financial information, so I can't even get in to see what the heck they want the money for.  I will be riding their asses on Monday, but could they do this at a worse time?  I think not.

So, my schedule:

Friday night: 
+ Write proposal/outline for Grad Seminar paper.  - DONE

+ Finish Religion & Rebellion late paper - DONE (3 hrs) 
+ Religion & Rebellion paper(email turn in) - DONE
+ Finish Sr. Seminar Paper (3 hrs) - DONE
+ Study for Japanese final (1 hr) - DONE
+ Begin translation (1-3 hr) - DONE
+ Lunch for Christy's Birthday/Graduation (3 hrs?) - DONE
+ Laundry

+ Translation (2 hrs).  - DONE
+ Start Grad Seminar paper (3-5 hrs)  - DONE
+ Study for Japanese final (2 hrs)  - DONE
+ Review Sr. Seminar paper, print. (45 min) - DONE
+ Buy Christmas tree - DONE
+ decorate 1.5 hrs - DONE

+ Turn in Sr. Seminar & copy of Religion & Rebellion paper.  (1.5 hrs - have to go to school) - DONE
+ Call and set up appt for car fix - DONE
+ Call finanaid and figure out the deal - DONE
+ Study Japanese (1 hr) - DONE
+ Write Grad Seminar paper (3 hrs) - DONE
+ Translation (2 hr)
+ Work (4 hr)

+ Drop off car to auto body shop at 8 am! eeep.
+ Grad paper (3 hrs)
+ Translation (3 hrs)
+ Japanese study with Professor and others (4-5 hrs)

+ Grad paper spit and polish
+ Translation spit and polish
+ Drive 'em to school
+ Work (4 hrs)
+ Study for Japanese final
+ Pack for Sacramento

+ 9 am - 12 noon Japanese Final
+ 2 pm - catch flight to Sacramento

That's doable, right? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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