my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

today was consumerrrific!  woke up, talked to a couple of people I dearly love on the phone, and then the boy and I headed out to Best Buy to return my S1 Angel set (since he'd bought it for me already).

On the way, we happened by the verizon store (well, because I wanted to), and I got the cutest little red phone ever!  Yes, I'm a sucker for advertising.  But on the good side it'd been so long since I'd gotten a new phone that Verizon gave me a $100 off!  So I'm now the proud owner of this:

The boy decided to get a new phone too, except he got one of those really fancy phones with the keyboard.  He is supercool.  Way more supercool than I am.  But my phone is red, so.

Then we tromped over to the Best Buy and completed our set of the extended version of LOTR with the Return of the King, and I indulged my inner girlie girl and bought a "set" of girl movies:  Clueless and Mean Girls.  I feel like I'm sixteen all over again!  (ok, not really, but still, EEEE!)

We made it out of the bookstore with only one book purchase (a minor miracle) and have been playing with our new toys all afternoon. 

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