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SIN CITY baby.

Saw it last Friday. My bit of fun in the weekend. Saw it, will own it. Some will claim it's melodramatic, over the top, too rigid, too violent. And to those people, I've got to ask you:

Did you read the graphic novels? Have you ever read any Dashiel Hammet? Any Raymond Chandler? Any Jim Thompson?

Miller gave birth to the entire series within the noir genre, and if you haven't read any of the guys I mentioned above, you sure as hell aren't going to understand what I'm talking about.

Because I'm talking about melodramatic motives, the kill or be killed of a dark and stormy night, women who are more sultry and sexy than the blustery prose can contain. They were the pioneers, the ones who wrote the first sentences that now sound so over-done to young ears (and the thing I keep telling those ears is they were the FIRST to do it).

These guys, these detective fiction writers, they gave us a world where the dick is tough and unbowed, even though they're beaten and bleeding. The white knight who's not very white, who doesn't have a horse anymore. It died down the road some years back, and he's replaced it with the cold hard steel of a gun, a glass of something alcoholic and a lit cigarette.

It's this world that SIN CITY captures, this hard edged space that doesn't exist and shouldn't exist in anywhere other than fiction. This black and white razor's edge of sanity, this kind of fun that's brutal and evil and easy, so very easy. Rodriguez and Miller build it up, they stack it full, they enclosed it in the sexy celluloid wrapper.

It's frenzied and it's rushed and it happens too fast for much but an instant identification, the briefest of recognitions - these are the good guys, these are the bad. We like the boys who tell us what to think and distrust the ones who seem too sinister to live. And most of 'em don't. And that's part of the genre, part of the tradition, part of the ooze and the jazz and the fury of this kind of noir.

It's something that can't be pieced apart, that doesn't fit into the conventional movie idea of pausing too long, of spending too much time, of over identification. And if you sit back and let it carry you on it's bloody, gory, revenge filled way, it will take you there.
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