my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

damn, i've mussed my record

Today felt like Friday.  Isn't it Friday yet?  Oh, yeah, tomorrow.  So, besides that, I managed to get up late, check the internet, watch 15 minutes or so of Lord of the Rings/Return of the King...

You know, because I've listened to them so often (yes, I have the Mind's Eye version of LOTR on CD, courtesy of sonder ) that I actually have the lines memorized.  And it's weird to be watching it instead of listening.  Weird too that the lines are coming out of different mouths, with different voices than I'm used to hearing.  But fun nonetheless.  I will bitch and moan about Tolkien with the best of them (heck, where are the people of color in his books?  yeah, i know.  it's that bad.  and women?  don't even get me started), but I really really really love him and the stories he wrote. 

So I was trying to go two weeks with an entry every day, but I've missed it by an hour or so.  GRR.  I'm half tempted to backdate this post, but am too lazy (and too much of an attention ho I suppose)

I've managed to gather a to do list while i'm not actually doing anything...
+ write a story for the Oz round at maleslashminis  - the best part?  I've already hit the 500 word minimum and I have PLOT left to go!  It may not be great, but at least I won't dissapoint
+ make a banner for EB (round one done, but we'll see if we both like it in the morning)
+ possibly do some artwork for watchingxander ... cuz I'm on a Xander kick these days
+ reorganize my office!  put all of last quarter's reading into folders
+ finish the laundry!
+ get ready for school... since it happens on Wednesday
+ deposit check
+ get the boss to pay me
+ take down the Christmas decorations (yep, they're still up)

Other than that, I was a good little provider tonight and fetched wings from wing stop for me and the boy - yep, wings, for pickup.  They're not half bad.  Besides, it meant we didn't have to cook.  Not that I don't mind cooking,b ut ... it does get tedious sometimes.  Especially now that we actually clean up after every meal and generally get the dishes in the dishwasher the same night (defense against a cat who has turned part scavenger, really).  Sure there's a rhythm to it - chop, clean, cook on the stove, clean, eat dinner, clean the rest... but ... occasionally it's nice just to skip all that, get your fingers dirty with spicy cajun sauce and cole slaw out of a cup.

and this is why i don't post everyday.  could that be more boring?

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