my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

grumble, grumble, grumble, hurrah.

So it wasn't the best Friday ever, I'll say that.

First, I got pulled over and ticketed because my car inspection is two years old - even though I ordered my registration last night and technically I think I have till the end of the month to get the thing reinspected.

THEN I take the boss lady's puppy out to run around while she's interviewing my replacement, and despite my very good attempts to fend it off for 15 minutes, in minute 16 it manages to hook teeth into my skirt and RIP.  It's not terribly visible, but it's not exactly repairable either.  What does the boss lady say?  "Well, that's what you get for offering to take the dog outside".  Ha.  Ha.  see me laughing?  yeah, that's me laughing.

Then, as it turns out, instead of a lovely three-day weekend before I have to get back to class, I am going to WORK on Monday.  Which is fine, because in two weeks I won't be working there, and I do owe it to her to make things as ready as possible for the next person.  BUT - three day weekend!  GRR.

And yeah, I know, at this point these really are just whines.  But I'm whining cuz I feel like it.  So there.

So finally after all that, she notes she doesn't have much work for me to do on Monday, and perhaps I should come in and spend an hour or two thinking about how I'm going to train the new person... Which is an interesting method of transferring knowledge, to be sure, but ... since I'm already a thinker I kind of already know how to train someone for my job.  The final upshot of the convo is that I'm going to write her a procedures manual (as i've done for every job I've had since my very first)... which was fine.  When she started to tell me *how* to write it up, I cut her off, at the end of my patience.  It's not as if I'm a newby to this admin thing.  *grin*

Now though?  Now I'm deliciously blissed out from coming home, having Neil be ready to go out to dinner, and hitting one of our new favorite restaurants that does authentic Italian (i mean truly authentic - their carbonarra is to die for and it comes served with an actual egg yoke on the top to mix into the cream sauce - and their cesar salad is actually served with anchovies if you want it).  Yummy unpronounceable dry italian wine, sumptuous food, delightful service, and the best of all, the best company in the world.

how's that for ending on a good note?  *grin*
Tags: rants

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