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My rec lists from buffyversetop5

For posterity (or in case you've not friended the comm), here are my lists from buffyversetop5 ... enjoy!

Top 5 WIPs that made me hit refresh over and over again
Neverland by tabaqui
Paring: S/X
Rating: NC17 eventually...
Status:  WIP

Why?  OMG.  I hit refresh on her journal page every day just to see if Tabaqui has put up anything new, until I discovered the notify function!  This is a dark and fairly haunting retelling of the Peter Pan tale, but with Spike and Xander involved (and it may sound farfetched, but Tabaqui inserts them both into the story so seemlessly that you don't feel pushed or pulled or jolted with the crossover).  But be warned - this is NOT the Pan Disney captured.  Oh no, this Pan is the stuff of nightmares, a darkling child you would never want to show up at your window.  I love when people take a darker look at fairy takes, and Tabaqui is the perfect woman to do it. 

Cuddly Predators by entrenous88
Pairing: S/X
Rating: PG-13
Status: WIP

Why?  Kitten Fic!  Oh how I love thee, kitten fic!  Besides, Entrenous does UST like nobody's business.  And Xander should have a kitten to look after him - it only seems appropriate.  Even if the kitten does take him to meet the most interesting men!

Sleep While I Drive by mireille719
Paring: G/X
Rating: PG so far
Status: 32 chapters and WIP

Why?  Mireille calls it her indulgence fic, but really she's indulgent with us because she shares this lovely work with other people.  I know she says that partially because it's irregularly updated and will never be on a regular schedule, but I think that's part of its charm.  Other charming things? the wonderful and sweet way she's built the Xander/Giles interaction.  The roadside attractions they see on their trip.  Oh, and I think I forgot to mention the premise is based on her musing, "What would happen if Giles had gone with him on his road trip after highschool?"

Scoffs at Gravity by reremouse
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC17
Status: Complete

Why?  If you've read anything that Reremouse has written you'll know why.  If you've read anything she's written recently you'll recognize the giddy style, the way she achieves so much with an economy of words, and maybe you'll treasure as much as I do how her silences mean things.  And giggle at the absurdity of Spike munching on cheetoes.  And maybe you'll be as giddy as I was at the way she ends something that seems to start from somewhere that's hopelessly tangled and impossible to resolve -- yet she does it well.

Premeditated and Best Policy by spikedluv
Paring: S/X
Rating: NC17
Status:  Complete

(previous chapters here on her website/archive)

Why?  Spikeluv is one of the grand mistresses of Spander, and she's been writing this fic for ages.  Premeditated is the 8th, and Best Policy is the 9th and final installment of an adorable and occasionally a little angsty fic.  There's heart-poundingly great sex, and some interesting exploration of exactly how these boys (while undeniably attracted to each other) really figure out that they work.

My five favorite B/G fics of the year

December, 1998 by glimmergirl  (G)
Why should you read it?  Because Glim can do amazing things with little touches and tiny moments of introspection.  I love Glim's Buffy in this, because she is that perceptive woman from the first episode who befriended Willow because she could see Willow needed a friend.  Except this time it's also a Slayer looking after her Watcher.  It's gentle and affectionate and I consider it time well spent to read.

Breathing by antennapedia  (FRM)
Why should you read it? Because antennapedia is quite possibly one of the best story tellers playing in the Giles pool.  This fic answers questions you didn't know you had about Season 6 cannon, and heals you as you read it.  Funny how good writing can do that sometimes - heals wounds that the show kind of inflicted on us in cannon.

Somewhere In Time
by gilesbabe (FRM)  chapters 1-4 & 5 & 6 & 7 (WIP)
Why should you read it?  One of the most interesting takes on the "go back and do it over" concept - Instead of Buffy going back in time to not make the same mistakes, she brings an mature Buffy and a Season 1 Giles together.  My only sadness is that it's not finished.

The Missing Ingredient by mrtwistedwhsprs (FRM)
Why should you read it? Written for lostgirlslair's Drunken!Giles Ficathon, this is one of the most fun fics I've read in ages.  The only way I can describe it is charming, silly, and unrepentantly tipsy.  It's set post-Chosen at the Slayers and Watchers Society Annual Christmas Party and you should read it just for the giggles.

Braces and Overalls by antennapedia
Why should you read it?  Antennapedia, I think, has a direct line into the brain of most B/G readers - moments we wished had happened, she writes.  And then she expands them, giving them twists that are so utterly perfect and yet so original.  That's why I can't help but put another one of her fics on here.  This one happens moments after the credits rolled in S3 after "Helpless" and puts to rest that idea of a father's love.

Top 5 Steamy Giles fics

Into the Dark Age by sadbhyl
Pairing:  Buffy/Giles (Ripper)/Ethan
Rating: NC-17

Why this steams:  This began as a PWP, turned into a novella, and is one of the hottest explorations of Ethan & Giles (and what Buffy would do if she had been there) in their youth.  It approaches absolutely beautiful, it steams off the page, and makes me happy to have stumbled across it.

Authority by entrenous88
Pairing: Xander/Giles
Rating: NC-17

Why this steams:  Because it kind of blew the top of my head off - set in S4, when both Giles and Xander are at loose ends, and Giles finds a way to gain some emotional balance...  one of the hottest spanking fics I've read in absolutely ages.

The Alexander Technique by mireille719
Pairing: Giles/Xander
Rating: NC-17

Why this steams:  Written for the G/X "No One Knows" ficathon, I'd never imagined that teaching someone to fence would be quite this hot.  Now I think it's one of my newest kinks.  Xander comes to Giles for a little fighting instruction and... yeah.  Once you read this I think you'll agree that once Mireille is done with it, fencing really is the best thing ever invented!

Exertion by lostgirlslair
Pairing: Giles/Wesley
Rating: NC-17

Why this steams:  I have two words for you:  shower masturbation.  And two more:  workout sex.  OH, and, three more after that:  Wes didn't die.  You need more?  Toe curling doesn't begin to cut it, but you'll see once you get there.  And in this post-NFA fic not only do you get to have your Wes alive, but you get to have your Spike alive, and you get to have some lovely h/c to boot.  And didn't I mention shower masturbation?

No steamy Giles list would be complete without something from soft_princess ...

Lost In Outer Space (Or How to Find Main Street) by soft_princess
Pairing: Giles/Xander
Rating: NC-17

Why this steams:  Because Xander is the initiator?  Because it's about car lovin!?  Because Soft Princess writes one of the hottest Giles around?  All of these reasons are good.  Plus you get fabulous Xander babble and a happy ending.  A short, but perfect, little way to warm up on those cold winter nights.

My Top 5 Challenging Graphics Communities
Ok, so we all know about buffy_icons and buffyicons and buffy_graphics right?  Places people go to post their artwork, to share it with the lj community.  They're awesome.

But this year there were a couple of comms created that were more than just a forum for shared work.  And they have a special place in my heart because of that...

fic_banners (modded by kargrif )

Why fic banners rocks my socks?  Because anybody can go and request a banner for their fic!  Because artists make "I'm open" posts and get requests to do artwork for specific fics.  Because it's all about sharing the love!

manippers (modded by noaluvjames)

Why does manippers do the tango? Because, not only is she hugely talented herself, noaluvjames totally encourages the people of this comm to develop their manniping skills and share their work with each other. She posts bases to try and experiment with, challenges to challenge yourself with, and lovely awards to the challenge winners. And she's always willing to offer advice and encouragement via feedback.

buffy_banners (modded by kargrif)

Why does Buffy Banners rock?  Because Kargrif is slowly trying to encourage more people out there to try their hand at banners, to get more artists involved with mediums beyond the icon size.  They just started offering banner challenges, and I think it's going to be fabulous to see new art (as well as some of the great btvs digital artists) posting there

awmpdotnet (created/maintained by awmp)

Why does awmpdotnet kick butt?  Because, even though it's a closed community, this is where awmp posts tutorials and resources and beautiful icons.  Seriously though, I've learned more about lighting from the common sense tutorials, more about how to use the photoshop "transform" tool from the adorable (and very well thought out) how-to's, and discovered what an action set is - and awmp even generously shares those too for people who want to see how a graphic artist's mind works.  I consider this site far better than icon_tutorial, and it helps that Awmp even uses Joss verse examples!

darker_spike (modded by jans_intentions and so_sharlemaine )  [closed community - must be a member]

Why does Darker Spike boogie the night away?  Well, I doubt this is the first time you've heard of the comm, but if you haven't, you should know that it's one of the most encouraging places for new artists to share their work.  Heck, it doesn't even have to be spike related - many of the challenges are open to ALL characters (although if you do Spike art, this is definitely an audience who will appreciate it).  The greatest part -- besides the consistently cool ideas for challenges, the high traffic, the daily recs list to new art and fic you might not find yourself -- is that this is one of the most supportive feedbacking communities I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of.  Something about the generous nature of the mods, or the environment they've created, but it's a great place to post your first manip, a great place to show your favorite work, and all around fun.

My top 5 favorite seasonal comms

winter_of_wes (modded by kyrieane and txrabbit )

Why did I pick it?  For all the Wesley goodness of course!  This was my first interaction with a seasonal community, and it got me hooked because of all the amazing fandom creations served up every day.  There were some extremely talented people who posted to that comm and I was inspired by many of them.  And I was exposed to one pairing I hadn't of ever dreamed of liking, but totally fell in love with because of eurydice72: Wes/Willow kink!fic.  SOOO GOOD.

spring_with_xan (modded by piratepurple and tsavoritegarnet )

Why did I pick it?  This comm was simply flooded with Xandery goodness of all flavors, shapes and colors.  There are WAY too many great authors on there and so much fun graphic-y stuff, and I got introduced (or read for the first time) a whole bunch of new authors that I'm very grateful to have been put in touch with because of the comm.  (heck, that's the first place I discovered the yummyness that is the S/X writing of reremouse's Oxnard to Glory)

fall_for_sx (modded by spikedluv and truly_tazi)

Why did I pick it?  Well, I know you've already heard from others that this comm rocked, but I can't help but repeating, because ... it rocked!  I have to say on a personal note that I was intimidated to post to the comm, because S/X is a relatively new pairing for me to read, and the reason why I put it up here is that the fandom feedback in Fall for SX was simply amazing.  I think I'm still getting comments on things - and it's been over for ages! 

spring_spangel  (modded by pet_23 and angelspike69 )

Why did I pick it?  Because I adore Spike/Angel and this was DEFINITELY the place to get it this year!  Although the fics were great, the graphics posts made the biggest impression on me, particularly amavel_bel's layouts (see her posting day here) and slaycandy's absolutely divine wallpapers (found here)

finally, and y'all may boo me off after this, but i have to mention it...

summer_of_giles (modded by me)

Ok, I know what you're thinking - blatant pimping.  But no, actually, I put this on here because it really was my favorite seasonal community.  Because it was such a great gathering for people who love Giles.  What surprised me most was finding out from a bunch of the people that they were just entering fandom and the lj world, and that Summer of Giles was the first comm they chose to participate in.  It was awesome because there were a number of first time authors who posted some really lovely work.  And I was constantly and happily astonished by the simple fact of so many Giles lovers showing their love. It was the greatest fun I've ever had, and I still want to thank each and every person who participated in it - so this is in part why it's on this list - because if even one person reads this entry, goes and leaves feedback for one of the great fics there or one of the fabulous graphic sets, it will show the love never dies! *grin*  To be honest with you, I can't pick just one, or two, or three of my favorite things from that comm, so I'll direct you to the "friday link list" tags instead, where you can choose to look at any of the artwork or fics you like!

Top 5 Genfic I never thought I'd read
I don't read genfic very often.  I'm pretty much in it for either the romance or the porn.  But these were 5 Genfics that I never thought I'd read but ended up falling in love with...

The Nightmare On Oakpark Street  by elizabuffy
Format: Gen fic, Giles & Miss Kitty Fantastico
Rating: G
Why you should read this:  Because Elizabuffy is the only person to see the darker side of Miss Kitty Fantastico!  Well, her and Giles (you'll find out how when you read the fic).  Be careful, this kitty may be cute, but she has a darker side!!

Three Men and a Book (to Say Nothing Of the Dog) by bethynyc
Format:  Gen, Giles, Daniel Jackson, Dr. H. Jones, Jr. (yes, that Jones!)
Rating:  PG-13 for violence
Why you should read this:  Bethynyc is a great storyteller.  And she brings all the humor and the love of both Btvs, SG1 and the Indiana Jones movies into one adorable fic that's a great adventure.

Four Pairs of Shoes Giles Never Bought and One He Did by zandra_x
(link to part IV & V... links to earlier parts in post, although not required for reading)
Format:  Gen, Giles
Rating:  G
Why you should read this:  It's just fun.  Zandra takes the mundane aspects of the world and plays with them.  I mean, who else would create a truly interesting set of ficlets about shoes?

Flight by kindkit
Format:  Gen, Giles
Rating: G
Why you should read this:  Because I say so!  NO, actually, because it's just that good.  It's a pre-series look at what was going on in Giles' head on his flight from England. 

Ars Draconis by antennapedia
Format:  Gen, Giles, Buffy, WIP
Rating:  FRT
Why you should read this:  Antennapedia is writing this ongoing series based on some of her BPAL scents.  Dragons, magical swords, and amazing world building.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with next, and am very interested in what she's done so far - adn i think you will be too.

Top 5 Icons (and/or icon posts)
Pretty icons?  I adore them.  People who do things with color and style.  I want to grow up and make graphics like these people ...

Artist:  drankmywar


Link to entire post... (Buffy, Dawn, Spike & Angel icons in a multifandom post)

Artist: dollsome


Link to entire post... (Lots of seasons, Buffy/Angel, Spike/Dru, Giles/Jenny, Buffy/Riley, Xander/Willow...and more!)



Link to entire post...Simply AMAZING Scourage of Europe Icons.  If you like any of these 4, be sure to check these out.

Artist:  thebodyred

Example:  //

Link to entire post ... there aren't a ton of them, but what's there are magnificent.  (Buffy, Lillia, Gun/Fred, Faith)
& Season 4 Oz/Willow, Buffy, Xander

Artist: drankmywar


Link to entire post ... Multifandom post, amazing icons of faith, buffy and cordelia

5 beautiful wallpapers from 2006 (note: a little image heavy)
I love icons, but I also adore walls, and there are some freakishly talented people out there making them.  This list is way too short, but ...

By:  noelia_g
Pairing: Giles/Fred
Original post: here

By: wickedfox (wickedfox)
Features:  Giles
Original post: here

By: thesamegirl17
Features: Episode Art - "Lessons"
Original post: here

By: mysteryof
Features:  Faith
Original post (outside link): here

By: marvelgirl_art
Features: Spike/Buffy
Original post: here

Top 5 Male Manips
I've done icons, and I've done wallpapers, but there are a bunch of other kinds of artwork being made out there... here are some of my favorites manips of the male persuasion.

By: kazzy_cee
Character: Spike
Original post:  here

Why is this here?  LOL.  Take a look at it, and I'm sure you'll understand.  This work is simply breathtaking. Kazzy-cee is totally my Spike manip hero.

By: sueworld2003
Character: Spike
Original post: here

Why do I love this?  Because it's one of those images that just HITS you, in the stomach, and doesn't let up.  It's perfect, not cluttered and insane, just ... clean, crisp, and bloody.  Also, Sueworld is one of those amazing artists that creates breathtaking work, so it's silly that I haven't mentioned her before.  Also, she's one of the most generous and encouraging artists I've met on LJ. If that wasn't enough, she has a love for Spike and a huge talent for creating some of the most beautiful manipulations.  I could go on, but look at the art, and I think you'll see what I mean.

by: The Theban Band
Pairing:  Wesley/Gunn
Original post:  here

Why do I love this?  There have been any number of people who have done a similar kind of embrace, but this?  Will always be the definitive manip of this picture for me because in my opinion it's flawless.  Seriously, look at the shadows on that!  I don't even ship Wes/Gunn and I adore this sooo much.

by: sueworld2003
Character: Spike!
Original post:  here

Why do I love it?  For the christmas lights.  Even if it's not the happiest of manips, it's so GOOD.

by: liliaeth
Character: Spike
Original post: here

Why?  Because the textures are so lovely, and it's such an interesting picture it almost begs a story to be written immediately about it.

Top 5 Female Manips
Can't leave the women of the buffyverse out!  Here are some of my favorite manips of the women of btvs/ats!

By: mary5958
Character: Buffy
Original post: here

Why?  I think it's the single most stunning manip I've seen this year - it stuck with me for ages aftewards (and just look at her feet!)

by kazzy_cee
Character: Tara
Original post: here

Why did I pick it?  It's absolutely stunning.  I love a lot of Kazzy-cee's work because she finds amazing sources and obviously cares about mannipping quite a lot.

by: noaluvjames
Character: Vintage Buffy
Original post:  here

Why do I love it?  CLASSIC.  It's classic, beautiful, black and white, and the quality of the manip is so crisp and lovely.  Noaluvjames is the mistress.

by: seekingwords
Character: Cordelia
Original post:  here

Why?  It's so lovely to see Cordy in a kickass role outside of Btvs/Ats -- and that's exactly what Angdelia does with this one...

by: kid_viciously
Character: Faith
Original post: here

Why?  Kid Visciously does something that I love in manipulations - she creates a manip that illustrates some aspect of the character, something you knew all along, but that is drawn out or underscored by the manip.  In this case, it's Faith's dark and dangerous side.  *warning - enlarged version may not be considered worksafe*

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