my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

musings on an ice day

maybe I've just got too many distractions in my house, but I seriously don't know why people get cabin fever.  I could be stuck for another three days... the only think I need more of is food.  Well, and the internet connection needs to stay up.  And the phone lines.  And the electricity. (all of which *crosses fingers* will be around for a while)

We slept in this morning because we could, and because it was colder outside the covers than in.  I have this fabulous blanket that mom brought back from her trip to Yemen, and it's so delightfully heavy it keeps all the warm air in perfectly. 

So it's about noon and we finally pull ourselves out of bed.  The cat decided that she really wanted to go outside today (she's been quietly sleeping for the last couple, but today she was standing in front of the back door, making the "let me outside" sounds).  Being the evil person that I am, I opened the door for her.  We were able to verify several things: 
  • frozen decks freak kittens out
  • frozen grass is even weirder
  • perhaps inside cats don't belong outside during the cold
  • it's much more fun to sleep curled up on a warm blanket than to try and traverse cold decks
AND, there are more pictures!  I know you've all been waiting.... and apparently I'm a little camera mad. 

and here's the entire album, just in case you want to look through...

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