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Did someone forget to tell Congress they can't legislate the sun?

Check it out: Congress wants to extend Daylight Saving Time

I forgot for a second, but then remembered, the US Congress doesn't actually have the power to make the sun stay up longer. Why on earth would they propose this? Instead why don't the abolish the whole system and just let us have our clocks back? We're not on a farm economy anymore, and people who have farms get up when the sun rises whether it's 8 am or 6 am or 4 am regardless.

I absolutely hate daylight saving time (and the switch back). It makes me cringe and whine and moan, because we don't actually control time. We have no say in how fast the earth rotates, and unless we score some major technology or another moon or something, that's not going to change. So why can't we just give it up already?
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