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notes from a quiet house...

I packed my love onto a plane yesterday, after a fabulous evening of sing star Saturday night with the friends at Christy's house - there was much giggling and yummy curry, and probably one too many renditions of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, but that's supposed to happen with karaoke, isn't it?

Today was actually my first *real* day at school - FINALLY!  Yes, I feel like a real grad student!

Mass and Popular Culture will be the greatest hits from Kant to Benjamin (and the prof refuses to pronounce his name Ben-ya-min ... I don't  know if that speaks well of him or not).  Actually, I grinned like a fool through the entire class because he couldn't stop talking.  Not only that, but talking about interesting things!  Like how he doesn't really believe postmodernism.  Why don't any of them believe in postmodernsim? However, this is apparently the guy who actually brought cultural studies to the U.S. even if he doesn't believe in them anymore.  And I think my mission on earth is to believe in postmodernism when no one else will.  If that's not a crusade, I don't know what is.

There was a ray of light with Japanese too - a friend of mine who's a Ph.D. student offered to help tutor me.  I may end up with tutoring two days a week!  Hopefully.  The other lovely thing is that I think I'm actually understanding 90% of what our professor is saying these days, and the class really is almost entirely in Japanese.  I only completely dropped out once in the entire period, so that's a good thing, right?

Now I'm homework bound - or at least until Heros is finished and I can watch it without commercial interruptions...

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