my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

it's a BE-U-TI-ful friday!

Hello darling and beautiful people!  Could I be more caffeinated right now?  Probably not.  Comes from drinking the sludge that they make at the job, and then treating myself to a mocha this afternoon before class. 

Yep, just call me caffeine girl!

So, in my drug-induced giddy mood, I give you the 10 things I am most happy about today:

  1. THE JOB IS DONE!  Today was my last day!  WOO HOO.  This means I will not have to try to haul my ass out of bed at 8 am anymore.  Kates were NOT meant to be up at that hour, unless it was from staying up the night before.  I can do 9 most of the time, but getting somewhere BY 8?  Yeah, downright impossible.  But it's over.  Over.  Over.  So my part-time life will not be interfering with my full time student job anymore, and I will now be the Japanese queen because of it.  Damn, I need a Japanese Queen icon.  *thinks about that*
  2. THE WEEK IS OVER!  Ok, so granted, this kind of folds into #1, because it was such a long week partially due to the early-morning nature of the work, but still, it's cause for rejoicing.
  3. MY BELOVED RETURNS TOMORROW!  Yep, I have been sans-man this week.  Not that it's horrible - I do not shrivel, I mostly watch more TV and am unmotivated when he's gone, but I miss him not for that, but for the ineffable cuteness that is my beloved!  So yep, I get to look forward to picking him up tomorrow at the airport.
  4. PANS LABYRINTH TONIGHT!  AT THE ALAMO!  Yep, I'm going to see a lovely fantasy movie with a friend, and I'm going to get to eat dinner AND drink a glass of wine while I watch it, because our movie theatre is just that cool.
  5. I finished my other part time work already!  (sorry, couldn't keep using caps - too much shouting).  Anyway, yes, the stuff I'm covering for my beloved is all done as well, so I've called all the people and actually sent them back emails.  Woot.
  6. I've already read the book we're going to read for my Wednesday class!  Finally some of this studying in the same field is starting to pay off!  Yes, indeed, Bellah's Tokagawa Religions is already conquered.  All I have to do is reskim, write a response paper, and think about some discussion questions.  That's practically in the bag!
  7. I get to sleep in tomorrow!!  *does happy dance*  Yeah, I know, this sounds lame, but I've been missing sleeping in.  Perhaps I will stay up late tonight after the movie making graphics just so I can have a *reason* to sleep in tomorrow?  Perhaps.
  8. I have yummy food to eat!  I finally broke down and got to the grocery store yesterday, and since I do my little "the boyfriend is out of town so I'll eat rich food that he doesn't like" kind of tradition every time, I got myself the fixings for home-made alfredo sauce, tiny tiny asparagus, some thin sliced prosciutto, a box of pre-prepped fondue (YUM), blackberries, and a pre-cut mushroom soup package.  I know, mushroom soup doesn't sound that exciting, and I'll probably wait to make it until next week so i can have it during lunch, but still - Mushroom Soup!  YUM.  From fresh mushrooms!
  9. I made it through Japanese!  Not that it was a total strain, but every day I make it through seems like a victory.  Especially because the homework was hard enough last night that I ended up talking the last activity into school with me today to work on with my classmates - we're not supposed to, but we do it anyway - shared knowledge is good!
  10. ...and... I bought myself flowers!!  Lovely Irises that are still in bud (although they're opening) and some other dark purply flowers with yellow centers, and then these super pretty purple and white striped flowers that look a little like daisies... there's nothing like fresh cut flowers to make everything just a little happier.  And I firmly believe that sometimes, you just gotta baby yourself and get some as a little present - you deserve it, right? RIGHT!

finally, i use this icon for no other reason that I like it because Faith is so smug and happy - kind of like a puppy, but in an evil squirmy kind of way. 

oh, and extra finally, i'm sorry i haven't responded to comments on my graphics post - it was more because i was laughing my ass off at my two favorite snarky people (who had a lovely comment war) and not because i suck. really, promise. i only suck when people like me to. ;)

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