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So gray_ghost finally bullied me into updating my delicious account.... I've now uploaded ALL of my bookmarks, and am slowly going through and sharing them to the world.

Damn I bookmark a lot. 

If you're bored and you want to make an account, delicious is a way you can share your bookmarks to other people in your network (and keep 'em online for access from any computer, I suppose).

If you get on, and want my weird bookmarks (really, they go from obscure japanese anime to all my graphics resource websites to poetry to math to ... yeah, i bookmark a lot), I'm (not surprisingly) katekat1010


I don't know if anybody else occasinally freaks out that LJ is gonna go down and you're going to lose all your entries.  Maybe it's just me.  But there's this totally free way to actually create a PDF book of your live journal.  For all of my entries it took about 3.5 minutes and now I have a pretty document that even captured thumbnail versions of most of my art! 

Check it out!
Tags: pimp, psa, recs

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