my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

i was going to post earlier in the day...

saying that I had a sneaking suspicion was going to be a good day... AND I WAS RIGHT!

Things that have actually gone right today:  I woke up for a change!  At 9 am!  And learned my japanese vocab!  And did other trifling things like have coffee, pet the cat, smoke with the boy and say good morning - you know, all of those delightful things that are involved with waking up when one doesn't have to leave for school until 11 am.  Now my only hope is that I can keep this schedule and not sleep in every morning.  The temptation is there, trust me.  The bed, especially when it's cold,  is incredibly hard to get out of.  But I have things to do!

Other than that, class was great, I managed to bring up Foucault in class (and he was immediately shot down by our Prof, a fact I have grown used to, and can smile about).  And Japanese went incredibly fast and quite swimmingly! I even managed to have fun hiking back to my car (now that I don't have a part time job I can't justify parking in the paid parking... but it means a mile or so and surprisingly is uphill both ways.  No, really, it is!)

I got home and got to have leftovers - I say got to because the other night I made mushroom soup that turned out to be scrumptious, and today was just the kind of day you want to eat mushroom soup on - cold outside, warm inside. 

Then what do I do?  check email and find out:

I'm nominated! 

Thank you to the darling person who nommed me!!

And if you haven't figured it out, I'm also going to pimp the site I was nommed at.... see, pimping!  So please head over and nominate your favorite icons/ headers/ banners/ wallpapers/ character drawings - anything and everything that's btvs/ats fan art!  They need nominations, and i know that y'all have your favorite artists!

The Sunnydale Fanart Awards
the award site for Buffy and Angel fanart.
Round 3 open now!

Tags: pimp, squee

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