my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

shaking my fist at financial aid... again

so, in good news, i got another in-state tuition deferral!  yay!  This time it was through my department, and for about $400.  But every penny counts right now, you know?

I received a notification that the funds were going to be put directly into my account - YIPPEE!  That's a nice little cushion for me.  And lo, the funds were put there.  I figured that it wasn't paid out to my loans this semester because I didn't have any private loans, just ones from the fed, ya know?

And lo, last night I received notification from financial aid that my spring award had been adjusted and now I OWED them $400!  Yep, they giveth and they immediately taketh away.

Apparently since my school (Asian Studies) let me pay in-state tuition, that mean that Fin Aid had to reevaluate my awards for spring, and *reduce* my aid by that amount. 

If you're shaking your head in dismay, you are not the only one.   I fucking love financial aid.  LOVE THEM, I tell you!

Onto other things...

I have a test on Monday that I will be studying for all weekend, and meeting with my tutor on Friday about! (the tutor part is good). I called the plumber (our back toilet has not been working... hopefully it will soon).

One of my favorite college friends EVER is coming to visit next week, and taking us out to dinner on the company dime to boot!

I have nominated somewhere around 20 people who do buffy art for SFA awards!  Which means that I can feel less guilty if I self-nom.  lol.  And Dishes, I'm coming for you!  Finally, we actually have plans for a super bowl party!  I seriously do not watch the superbowl, but ... the commercials.  Who doesn't love the commercials?  And the friends are ALWAYS great to see.
Tags: rants, school
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