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feels like it's been ages since I've sat down to my deepest sender screen and written more than a sentence.  Oh, yesterday I started, I really did, but didn't get out more than a few words before something distracted and I was off running after bright and shiny things instead of posting in my journal.  Hey, bright and shiny is good, right?

Friday night was spent trying to finish up as much homework as possible because I knew I'd be doing things the next day and I didn't want to be bottled up in school work (or held down, or something)

Saturday was a trip to Costco with my beloved, where we bought all kinds of needlessly, senselessly yummy goodies and enough food for thousands.  We just don't know when to stop sometimes, and so we had bagel bites and cranberries, chocolate pecan brownies and the makings for four kinds of dip.  Two cases of beer even though we don't drink it.  Yep, Superbowl party here we come. 

Saturday night was freaking fabulous - hanging out and getting just a little smashed with lostgirlslair and mrtwstedwhsprs and another friend of theirs.  We managed to talk math and entropy and then do some dancing with the goth kids at the only goth club in Austin.  I was pleased to see more latex and less jeans than on previous occasions.  Pleased, delighted, and ... relieved.  Because I'm such a wanna be goth girl in my little heart of hearts.  Too happy for it, really, and I like tailored clothes too much, and I get joy out of most things instead of being emo most of the time, but still... someday when I grow up I want to be a bustier and boots wearing pale faced emo girl.  Someday.

Sunday morning I spent cleaning house top to bottom, drinking water and getting ready for Neil's little superbowl thing.  I'm not so much into the football (who was playing again?  really, I don't know.  really) and the commercials kind of sucked for the most part, but that was ok because the friend action was fun and we managed to make enough dips to feed an army.  The entire time I was cleaning, Neil was cooking one thing or another - a new fresh onion dip from Good Eats that was frigging fabulous, a pesto-cream dip, his yummy bean & cheese dip... fresh guacamole ... yep, we were dipped out.  And it wasn't till halftime that we broke out the actual *munchies*! 

Monday Kathy arrived!  I love it when friends come to visit, even if we all have to work and do homework and kind of live our lives around it (she did too - business trip, you know).  But it didn't matter because we giggled, ate on the company card, drove through parts of Austin and just spent time with each other.  Kathy's brilliant and lovely and I adore her and ... really, what more needs to be said?  And there was a moment where we were all sitting in the living room, computers on our laps, that was just ... silly.  But it's that kind of a world now, you know?

Tuesday I did homework and Neil's work (just a little) and called around - apparently financial aid IS giving me more money (YAY), and there's a place down the street to get my car inspected, and H&R Block doesn't answer their phones.  Which is annoying because I want someone else to do my taxes this year, as long as it's not too expensive.  But Tuesday night was yummy fabulous, since Kathy took us out to Ranch 616, and I drank a drink called a Pink Taco (and if you think it sounds dirty, you're not the only one, because I giggled every time I ordered it), we had scrumptious Texas food and listened to the Kissin' Cousins do their funky music (which is not so heavily funk, but fun none the less).  We parted company with Neil and headed down to the Driscoll to get a drink or two, talk about boys and texas and jobs and just be girls together.

This morning I woke up and made sure Kathy got a decent breakfast before she left (IE: took her out to Kerby Lane for pancakes), and then class ... it had its ups and downs but was mostly up - the Mass and Culture theory crowd decided we're going to wrest the class away from our talky professor by actually talking things out ourselves in the 15 minutes before he arrives.  I mean, even the quiet guy from the RTF department had an opinion.  It was refreshing, to say the least.  Got a 78% on my Japanese test from Friday (yes, I can do better, and I will), had fantastic and totally nonsense conversation about the American legal system in Core Japan Studies Readings, and a lovely walk home with my new little brother (hey, he called himself that) Mochie.

Now I'm off to return phone calls. Someday, I hear, I've got some graphics to make and post... but we'll see if I make it to those tonight!
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