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ah school. i love you best.

It was only after I'd handed in my translation of the Japanese wikipedia article that I went over it with my tutor-friend, and discovered that I'd totally misunderstood at least two paragraphs.  On the good side, instead of doing 1000 character translation, mine was more like 2500, so perhaps I'll get points for that?  I'm just glad that I turned it in.  Five pages worth of text.  Yeah, it definitely is an accomplishment no matter how badly translated.

Our Mass and Pop Culture Theory class decided en masse that they kind of want to stage a coup from the Professor... sadly, said coup didn't actually happen today. Perhaps it will at some later point.  It's frustrating, because he's trying to cover, oh, 300 years worth of aesthetic theory by having us read the "high points." Which is great in terms of reading load, but sad in terms of actually getting a grip on some of it... although if I never have to read Adorno ever again I'll be happy --- though, come to think of it, I actually wouldn't mind reading him again, even though he has a tendency to call everything fascist, and even though he's a huge elitist, at least he's trying.  I'm beginning to be infected by my Core Readings in Japanese Studies prof because I actually want to see the good in something before I tear it apart -- like there's a whole bunch of stuff Adorno says that our Mass & Pop Prof swears is just elitist posturing, but I kinda feel like it's something else.  The guy did turn the masses into easily sedated ignorant fools, but he also pointed out some things about the production of mass culture that seem to me to be damn worth while.  Especially the stuff about mass culture actually not being produced by the masses.  And about how there are all these producers of mass culture who are constantly pushing their stuff into the gullets of the public.  And sure, that doesn't mean the public is a single homogeneous blob that just sits back and happily gobbles it up, but still, how in the heck do pop stars become pop stars if there's not something happening that's similar to what he described?

And sadly, because the Prof's position is to basically refute everything Adorno says without actually taking it item by item (he sticks with the most outrageous claims - of which there are many), I don't really know how to weave my way in and out of the theory. 

Other than that though, I studied for a Japanese vocab quiz we didn't have, asked my Japanese professor to write me a recommendation for this summer, when I'm trying to get to Japan, and she kind of agreed to do it, talked a whole bunch about Japanese grammar with my tutor, and came home.  Now all I've got to do for tomorrow is read a book called "The Anatomy of Self: The Individual Versus Society", complete my FAFSA online, and figure out how to deal with my fix-it ticket.  And watch Heroes.

I will be putting up the stuff for beegee_icontest soon, so if you guys are bored, check it in a couple of hours and vote. *makes puppy dog eyes at you in hope*
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