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Hi guys!  I'm sorry, i've been ... utterly uncommenty, utterly unwriterly, and basically mute for the past couple of days ...

Not for lack of inattention, it's just getting to be that time again.  That time when I have to make school a priority over everything else.  (Gasp! No!) 

This week was pretty frigging fabulous, because I was able to do one other thing - make Neil & Kate time a priority.  We're not big Valetine's Day celebrators, but for some reason this year, we managed to do silly things.  See, we forgot to get reservations until it was too late, and the restaurant we wanted was all booked up.  So we decided to make them for the next night.  It's not as if we're tied to a day, right?  And so, on Wednesday, we didn't really have any plans.  I got this great idea on my way home from school about stopping into the expensive grocer's and grabbing some lovely light yummies so we didn't have to work that hard.  Besides, I wanted to get Neil a card.  So I did that, found some strawberries, chocolate fondue, along with peppercorn salmon fillets, two cesar salads, and figured what the heck - I'll get him some flowers too!

What do I find when I got home?  The most adorable little tableau with a valentine's day stuffed dragon (it's pink!  with glittery wings!) on the dinning room table, along with some chocolates and these really stunning tulips and gerber daisies.  Yep, Neil had the *exact* same idea!  He'd gone to the other expensive grocers' and bought salmon steaks and polenta and fresh bread and these dynamite looking chocolate mouse cakes with raspberry sauce. 

I got home and laughed my ass off, along with my lovely boyfriend.  Then we decided which set of salmon to eat, which set of dessert to save for later, and had quite the enjoyable evening.

And the next night, thursday, I was treated to a mouth watering steak at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, which is just freaking fabulous and if you're a meat eater ... GO THERE!  They serve the steak in these special plates that are temperature heated with melted butter in them to ensure you get the most juicy, tender, buttery steak around.  It was DIVINE!

Not to mention the lovely bottle of wine, the scrumptious salad, the light and fluffy creme brulee.  And the very very full couple that exited the restaurant and spent the rest of the evening cuddling on the couch.

Then last night we had the other salmon!  So it seriously was like a three day valentine's day celebration, and this from two people who tend to shy away from all the extravaganzas (we've done them in the past, they always seem to turn out a little cockeyed... ).  Anyway, it was the kind of error I'd like to make more often, and shows you how much our brains think a like these days - even down to the entres.

Other than that, school's been chugging away.  I'm doing applications for Summer in Japan right now, trying to put together my statement of purpose (and lo, it's another one!  And I still don't know what to put in this one, other than FUND ME!).  Yesterday our profs did this great seminar where they talked to us about the three big things we should be concerned with as grad students:  Publishing, Conferences and Funding.  It was grim, but ... I feel better about the whole thing, regardless of how grim it is.  I like to *know* things, ya know?  Even if it's the worst news.  And it's not quite so bad for me.  The upshot of the whole thing really was:  don't be a conference floozy, pick and choose, don't be a publication slut, because it matters where you get published as much as when... but, most master's thesis should be considered as things you can transform into publications.  Oh, and funding... apparently the more you get, the more you'll get.  Just like money everywhere.

Now we're off to look at tiles for the bathroom remodel.  Yep, we're going to tear out our master bathroom and put a new one in.  This is me giving y'all fair warning that although I adore you, it is doubtful I will be a commenter in the next months, because with school + remodel + applications + grad research.... yeah, i don't know how i'm gonna do it either.
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