my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Monday, I think I love you!

First.... Yes, I have a friend named Mochi.  Ok, he has a real name, but it's Japanese, and so he's nice enough to let me shorten it so I have a chance of pronouncing it right.  Anyway, we had yummy breakfast, I got to actually HELP him with his writing (something that I'm actually good at) and he helped me with my Japanese (something I'm not so good at, but hey, I make him laugh, so that's fine).  And there was bacon!  Who doesn't want to start the week with bacon?  (ok, i know, vegitarians, but ... that's not me)  There was also fresh grapefruit, lest you think I'm living solely on pork products.  And Coffee!!  YAY!

Second...Hey, sometimes printing is harder than it looks.  See, we have print cards for three of the libraries on campus.  BUT, for the language lab that I needed to print out my Japanese homework?  NO Print cards are allowed.  You're supposed to use your dinning card - except I don't *have* a dinning card because I don't live on campus and don't need one and UGH.  Luckily I was able to get the guy who was sitting across the row from me to print out my homework for me (it was only one page) and after giving him twenty cents I was on my merry way to Mass and Pop Culture - where the prof was SO happy that we're finally getting into the theorists that he likes that he was pretty much beside himself with joy during lecture.  What's not fun about that?

Third...I made it through the Japanese test like a TROOPER!  Vocab and all.  And next week, when we have our next one, I'll be even more prepared than this time.  No, really.  I will.  OH!  And I got an A on my five page translation!!  AN A PEOPLE!  A!  Thank the gods.  Now I have to find new things to translate, but I was sooooo pleased by that I couldn't stop grinning.

Fourth... I came home to find out from xanzpet that I was nominated as BEST ARTIST (whoa nellie, best artist?? *does dance of sqee*) at the Solemn Graces Awards.  I have NO idea how it happened, since I wasn't even notified (so THANK YOU xanzpet you are a GOD!!) and now I'm all a-glow because this time?  it really is a damn honor to be nominated!  HEEEE!

Yep, I'm putting this monday in the win column....
Tags: school, squee
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