my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

now, onto the online stuff...Award Congrats!

I have the most talented flist ever!!  Seriously, the Bodice Ripper Awards (Round 7 Reader's Choice & Round 8) came out and OH MY GOD YOU ALL GOT AWARDS!

So, congratulations go to (among the many others too):

antennapedia , xdawnfirex , elizabuffy , glimmergirl , kivrin , pixelleate , savoytruffle , scratchingpost1 , secondalto , soft_princess , twilightofmagic

You're all frigging talented and I'm super happy both to have you on my flist, to be able to read/look at your work!  

NOW, for those of you who got awards, I just finished making them for scratchingpost1 tonight... so, if you want, here are your award banners:

Also, I have to thank everybody who voted in the Reader's Choice awards!!!

And, because I'm kind of gloaty, here are my awards:

for this work:  G/Wes Wallpaper

for this work:  Reconnection banner for antennapedia 's fic.

for this work:  Lounging Giles (manip)

for this work:  My Sexy Librarian Wallpaper


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