my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

the cleanest port-a-potty I've ever visited

Ok, I know, it's not exactly what you'd think about first when going to an outdoor event. Especially one held on the gorgeous spring day, the sun shining, the grass green, the city skyline in the background with the river just in front. And I didn't think about it for the first three hours.

There were other things to see. Scrumptious things. Hand-pulled mozzarella, with artichoke truffle salad. Pulled pork sandwiches. Brisket and biscuit (although at the time I did think it was cute that it rhymed).

We discovered, once again, that you can only taste about a half a dozen wines before your palette is corrupted. And no, I'm not sure if that's the right way to spell pallet. But with 50 or so wineries, we felt a little gob-smacked (or is that grape-smacked) with choices. We stuck to the Texas wines, which, by and large, taste very young. Bright and full and fruity. Vibrant, with a quick finish. There were a few, a claret and a pinot blend, that stood above the others - their distinction? they had depth. Finish. And my personal favorite, an oakey flavor. It just confirmed for me that I'm a dry wine gal, a deep red lady.

But after 6 half glasses (no half measures poured here - it is Texas, after all), and the glass we'd had to start the day, I needed my little trip to the most sanitary of bathrooms. Surprising really. Maybe it's an indication of civilization that's unique to Austenites? Regardless, it was a masterpiece of clean, smelled fresh, as if the plastic box had never been used for that kind of thing before. All the pee was actually in the toilet (not on the rim and the floor like I've usually seen in these toxic places), there was toilet paper a plenty, and waterless hand sanitizer for after. Freakishly neat? Yes. Surprising? Kind of. Delightful? Definitely.
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