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Happy 10th Annaversary Buffy!

We used to have these Buffy nights - every body would come over to our house, and the living room would fill with warmth and light.  And good smells, because we'd make piles of munchy food.  We'd laugh, point, rant, rave, and giggle, quite a bit.  That was Buffy.  Weird how we almost didn't end up watching the show, but our friend Miles swore up and down that we'd love it - and so we did.  I think we came in about halfway through the first season, and we were hooked after an ep. 

Then Neil went and got me Reading the Vampire Slayer, a compilation of critical essays about Buffy.  And there was an article in there about femslash, and I began to wonder about fanfic.  Well, wonder, and then search it out.

Boy did I find it.  And tons of other people utterly enchanted with the world.  Heck, tons of other people, period.  That's definitely been part of the fun.  As for the series, even though I will whine and moan and complain about who fell in love with who, or who wrote what, or that there aren't enough pictures of Giles on the internet, rewatching the show has been transformed for me by fandom.  Now I'm enchanted by all the sneaky looks Xander and Oz share.  Now I'm giggling at the look Buffy has in her eyes when she tells Tara's family off, now I'm outright laughing at the lines they give Spike and Giles when they're in the same room together.

That's due to a fandom that still tries to explore cannon that's closed with new eyes.  That's also due to the sheer fun energy the people who made Buffy actually put into it.  And it makes me happy to not only watch it unfold, but know that in some tiny way, I've been a part of it all.  My first TV fandom love, and likely my only.

So in honor of this, I give you some recs made over at buffyversetop5  for their "fic classic" posting in October, that I forgot to post to my lj.  Happy Anniversary Buffy!

My Top 5 Kitten Fics
Now, onto the fics themselves.  Often I'm an equal opportunist as far as pairings go.  But sometimes, I need a fic with a kitten in it.  It's required.  So here, these are 5 of my favorite kitten fics.

1. Ogden Nash Blues (S/T) by Anne Hedonia (NC-17)

Why do I adore this?  Well, first, because Spike/Tara is one of my secretly adored pairings.  But also, because this is a great example of why I like the pairing - Tara's personality comes to the front here, and Spike can't do anything but be captivated by it.  Oh, and by a 'lucky kitten' he keeps from a night of kitten poker.

2. George (S/X) by Ladycat (PG-13)

One of my favorites of Ladycat, because she understands how much one is ruled by the decisions of one's cat.  Xander is no different.  This one's short, sweet, and perfect - because of course a cat knows it's best to be friends with Spike!

3. 9 Lives (S/B/T) by Sally & Miranda (NC-17)

I didn't know what I was getting into with this fic - it's the standard "Spike gets into trouble at a poker game" kind of story for... oh... the first five minutes.  And then he's a cat.  And then he's not.  And then there's a brain ray.  And then there's some flirting.  And ... I adored it all.  I think that Sally & Miranda do an absolutely fabulous job of making both the S/T and the S/B and the T/B reactions honest, toe tingling, and delicious.

4. Cuddly Predators (S/X) by entrenous88 *WIP* (currently? G - that may change however)

Of course I had to have this fic on here!  Entrenous is fabulous at anything she puts her mind to, and kittens are no exception to that.  She actually introduces her fic like this (and of course, there's no way I can put it better:

Not too long ago I posted about thinking of writing Xander & eensy kitten friendship fic, in which "Xander will tell the kitten his troubles, and he'll be all "I'm in love with Spike! No one notices me! I'm the Zeppo!" and the kitten will be all **plays with loose thread on Xander's sleeve**"

5. Xander has kittens (S/X) by Spurglie, and it's companion piece Xander's kittens have kittens (both NC-17)

Finally, in the adorable category, it wouldn't be right if I didn't include Spurglie's fic here.  This time, though, it's Xander that's getting into trouble playing poker.  And Spike who ... well, he doesn't exactly keep Xander out of trouble, not at all.

as a last tag to this, if you have any kitten fics you'd like to suggest to me, i'd adore you for sending the links my way!

My Top 5 Slash Threesome Fics

I'm in awe of these writers - not only because they create such rich stories, but because they manage to mix all the parts of 3 people together and STILL make the sex hot.  I'll go back and read (and re-read) these over and over again.  These are all NC-17 because... well... I'm here for the naughty.

1. Thrall, by Uberaeryn (Spike/Angel/Xander, NC-17 )

Goofy, silly, unrepentant, adorable, and finally, hot. More Uberaeryn snark. More Uberaeryn sex. More of Uberaeryn’s Angel, who I love beyond any other Angel I’ve read. Xander is the liaison to the Wolfram and Heart group for the Watcher’s council.
Warnings? You don’t need no stinking warnings, do you? Seriously, boy sex, threesome, corruption, but it’s all harmless fun.

2. Saturation and Perversion, by Janedavitt and Wesleysgirl (Giles/Xander/Spike, NC-17)

It’s the dynamic writing duo. They can do no wrong. Giles and Xander are in England, in a relationship, and a human (post Shanshu) Spike shows up on their doorstep. Greatness ensues. Yummy hurt/comfort ensues.
Warnings? Um, there’s angst? OH, and sex. Lots of sex.

3. The Pet, by TheBratQueen (Angel/Wes/Spike, NC-17)

OH dear god, there’s nothing like an epic to really make a girl shudder. And this lovely, almost dark and yet never really painful, story will probably pick you up and keep you hopping to it’s tune. It’s set in the days before the final battle with Wolfram and Heart, and kicks off with this fabulous little ficlet that will leave you drooling, but develops into a kind of twisted tale of love and redemption for both Wes and Angel, with Spike thrown in.
Warnings? BSDM of the best kind. Angel’s the dom. Spike’s his family, Wesley’s his.  ALSO, it's WIP and likely never to be finished as TBQ is not writing fiction right now.

4. Dreamland, by Soft Princess (Giles/Wesley/Xander, NC-17)

Yes.  Yes! Oh Yes, oh yes, oh yes.  soft_princess  creates the sweetest story about these three men in an AU that is just unspeakably wonderful.  The narrative structure she uses is divine (even if it does leave you with a cliff hanger a time or two), and the sex is simply marvelous.  And it's one of those fics that makes you want to cuddle up close and hug every body, even your monitor.
Warnings?  Not a single one.  There's nothing scary there, the water is fine, so go on in.

5. Tea and Biscuits, by WesleysGirl, Byrne, and Magpie (Giles/Wes/Spike ... and then Angel & Ethan, NC-17)

One of the most innovative fics I've read in forever - they take the tagfic and do one better, in building a relationship with email that is hot, revealing, and engaging.  They weave in short but fabulous written pieces that break up the emails.  And it will take you *days* to make it through this, because it's insanely long and absolutely worth it.
Warnings?  well, (and this shouldn't dissuade you from reading it, but I do feel obligated to mention) it does kind of switch gears in the last Arc, so the relationships kind of move places.  And there's a good bit of angst and some quite kinky sex in here, so if you're shy, you may want to pass this up.  But if you're shy, why are you reading my 3some recs?

My Top 5 HET Threesome fics

1. Second Time of Asking and Third Time Lucky by janedavitt  (Giles/Faith/Wes, NC-17)
You'll note I had a Jane fic in my last threesome post.  Why would she show up again?  Because she does it so well.  She's absolutely fabulous at this.  It's post NFA, and sadly, Buffy has died. Wes has been brought back (I suppose you could call it AU, perhaps).  And it's blisteringly hot in that fabulous gorgeous angry sex way.
Warnings?  Definitely angsty.  With a side order of angst.  And some more.  But oh wow is it worth it.

2. And Ice for Your Wounded Heart by tabaqui  (Spike/Xander/Dru, NC-17)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
A retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen, where Xander discovers there's something else in him besides being a good Scooby.  Tabaqui's Drusilla is cunning and scary and luminious, and her Spike is sexy and hot and a total temptation.  I adore everything she's written, but this is one of the most haunting (I think part of it is the way she's used the structure from the original story).
Warnings?  There's some questionable consent here, I suppose, and bloodplay.

3. Restricted Supplement to the Watcher's Guide, Concerning Amatory Matters by glossing (Buffy/Giles/Oz, NC-17)
It's almost like a dream, done in that way that Glossing does so well, with twirling prose and twirling bodies and a lyrical intensity that makes everything sizzle.  It's set in Season 6, an interlude set just after Buffy and Giles conclude their trip to the desert where she learns that death his her gift.
Warnings?  Some light drug use.

4. Into the Dark Age by Sadbhyl (Ripper/Ethan/Buffy, NC-17)
A post-NFA Buffy goes back in time and encounters two young men with a LOT of mahem in their blood.  It's eye openingly hot, and really worth the time. 
Warnings?  Time travel messes with your head.  There is some drug use here, and definitely rough sex, and it's not the happiest of endings (but neither is is sad).

5. The Lion and the Lamb by A. Haight (Giles/Wes/Faith, NC-17)
This is a continuation of A. Haight's "Tiger Man" but you don't have to have read that to read this.  This is mostly a long, intensely sexy PWP that occurs when Wes finds Giles and Faith in the library together, somewhere during Season 3 (I think).  This is totally the fic that got me believing in G/Wes. 
Warnings? Not a one.

My Top 5 Crossover Fics

I don't often read these.  But there are some amazing people who are doing crossovers.  And here are just a few...

1.  Dead Haul Cargo by  twilightofmagic (NC-17)
Pairing:  Spike/Mal
Fandom:  Btvs/Firefly
It's set in the Firefly world - Spike has lived for all of these thousands of years, and now has purple hair (at least at the beginning).  And of course he's a friend of Inarra's.  And of course Mal doesn't like him.  YET.  But Mal learns.  The characterization is fabulous (but that's because Twilightofmagic is amazing at that kind of thing), the descriptions are totally rich and I think fairly dead on, and there is this amazing and toe-tingling sex scene that absolutely blew me away the first time I've read it, and every time since.

2.  Some Kind of Heaven by  emeraldswan (NC-17)
Pairing:  Buffy/Mal
Fandom:  Btvs/Firefly
Buffy accidentally gets portaled into the Firefly world, and like recognizes like (ie: Buffy and Mal do well together).  It's a really lovely character piece, and I adore how Emmy's Buffy sees Mal's defense mechanisms and doesn't try to break him down.  And I adore the two of them together.  It's an absolutely lovely read with a happy, but slightly bittersweet, ending.

3. The Key's Watcher/Dark Havens series by elementalv (Key's Watcher is Gen-mostly PG13, Dark Havens is NC-17)
Pairing:  Giles/Jean-Claude
Fandom:  Btvs/Anita Blake
The first set of these are about Giles and Dawn getting sucked into the Anita Blake verse - totally Gen, totally interesting.  ElementalV has done a fabulous job of hopping into the Anita world without brining the baggage that LKH (the author of that verse) insists on shoving into it.  And her Giles/Jean-Claude pairing, IMHO, is far more believable than the cannon JC/Anita.  Hotter too.  So much fun to see the mash of two vampire worlds!

4. Three Men & A Book (To Say Nothing of the Dog) by bethynyc (G)
Pairing:  None (Gen fic)
Fandom:  Btvs/Stargate/Indiana Jones
This is an adorable (and short) little fic that anybody who likes wry crossovers with the characters acting like themselves will like.  Bethy is fabulous at characterization, and it reads a bit like an adventure story - which is so much fun!

5.  Where No Man Has Gone Before by chanceofrainne (G)
Pairing:  None, Gen
Fandom:  Btvs/StarTrek: TNG
Giles gets tossed into a future where he's walking and talking with TNG crew. But vampires are still out there somewhere. This is a lovely, kind of sad, little fic that I think does great stuff with the Watcher and with the TNG cast.
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